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New adaptable machines shake up HDD market

TRACTO’s products are constantly being refined based on end user feedback, and the new range of GRUNDODRILL fluid-assisted and rock drilling machines are the ultimate reflection of this ideology.

Consisting of six machines with performance ratings between 60 and 280 kN, the rigs in the new range can be adapted to be used as a Jet Condition System (JCS) for excavating in conventional soils with normal rods, or as an All Condition System (ACS) using twin-tube rods to navigate through rock.

Tailored to the end user

The customisable and adaptable nature of the machines is the result of years of research and development at TRACTO’s headquarters in Lennestadt, Germany, where the machines are also manufactured, using best-in-class processes and materials, before being shipped around the world, including to Australia and New Zealand. 

The design keeps the complex and unique demands of the HDD process front of mind, and has culminated in drills with unparalleled adaptability, versatility and efficiency in the market today.

As a result of the modular design, the GRUNDODRILLs can be configured to the specifications or restrictions of the market in which they’re operating. This includes 40 options for customisation according to application and comfort.


The majority of all rig functions are controlled via a centralised touch screen and monitored via an integrated camera, which can be tailored to the needs of the operator. This enables ergonomic conditions for the user, limits fatigue and frees them up to focus on the task at hand: drilling. 

Remote-controlled drilling is also possible with the new machines, with operations conveniently controlled and monitored from outside the operator’s cabin using a specially designed remote-control unit. In combination with an intelligent camera, this allows for the full control of the entire drilling rig.

The 130JCS/ACS features a Cummins Tier V engine, equipped with variable torque and speed adjustment for maximum rotational performance and maximum productivity. In addition, the machines are capable of fully automatic drilling operations, including drill rod exchange.

In addition to this performance and customisation, the machines can also be equipped with a range of high capacity mixing systems, meaning they can operate for longer periods without disruption.

More than a dealer

Not only are these revolutionary machines the best available on the market, according to TRACTO, they are also supported by the best servicing, spare parts and training the industry has to offer. The company has recently positioned itself as “more than a dealer” with the goal of creating and maintaining meaningful and lasting relationships with its clients. 

This includes guiding customers through all stages of the product process, from purchase to training and after-sales support, as well as giving clients access to technical and engineering support in real time. 

TRACTO Australia Managing Director Jeff Rose says there’s an appetite from the trenchless industry for the adaptability and performance of the new machines. 

“The design has been meticulously planned for a number of years. During this time, all the feedback and responses from our clients in Australian and New Zealand, as well as all over the world, have been fed back to our German engineers for consideration,” he says.

“While the conditions for HDD might change from region to region, the challenges for contractors are ubiquitous. With the 130JCS/ACS range, we’ve delivered machines which address those challenges, providing the adaptability, power and performance to increase drilling efficiency and optimisation.”

A GRUNDODRILL 130ACS has already been delivered to a customer in Australia, with Victorian-based trenchless contractor R&R McClure taking delivery of a machine in early 2022. The machine is setup to excavate through the tough quartz-rock which is unique to the Castlemaine and Bendigo region where the contractor is based.

One of the new GRUNDODRILLs will be on TRACTO’s stand at No-Dig Down Under, giving contractors the opportunity to see the machine and its features up close. Visit TRACTO at stand 50 in the exhibition.

For more information visit TRACTO-TECHNIK.

This article featured in the February edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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