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Contractor proves value of trenchless in the top end

Smart Lock

Operating out of Darwin, Northern Territory, for more than 25 years, Dig Hard Excavations is one of the regions leading civil hydraulics and drainage rehabilitation contractors.

The company specialises in the rehabilitation of civil plumbing infrastructure and uses advanced no-dig lining technologies to achieve results which are affordable, environmentally friendly and extend the life of failing infrastructure. 

Dig Hard Excavations’ wealth of experience and knowledge has culminated on the first stage of a stormwater point repair project for a recently completed council residential estate which commenced in early April. Prior to rehabilitation, the company cleaned the pipelines, as well as conducting CCTV inspection and condition assessment. 

Smart solution

After calculating the cost of trenchless rehabilitation, the contractor concluded using Smart Lock Group’s point repair lining system would be a fraction of the price of traditional dig and replace methods, and was by far the most cost-effective option for the project.

Smart Lock is designed to withstand the harshest of climates and conditions, making it perfect for the unforgiving Australian climate, including in the Top End. The technology produces a cost-effective permanent solution for the repair of underground pipes, without the need for digging, by combining the proven technologies of fiberglass and resin with a mechanical stainless steel sleeve.

This combination produces a very strong structural repair that provides form, structural integrity and strength back to the host pipe, preventing any further infiltration and the possibility of potential tree root growth. 

The resulting point repair is permanent and returns the asset back to 100 year life expectancy. Smart Lock also has a smooth interior and tapered transitional ends, improving flow capacity and overall pipeline performance, along with providing exceptional corrosion and abrasion resistance. 

Rehabilitation underway

Works started are taking place during the Territory’s dry season, which extends May to the end of October. The cooler weather – the average temperature is 21-32C, with humidity at around 60-65 per cent – has aided in the installation process, with as few as four people required on site to complete the installations. 

By the time the project is completed the contractor will have installed up to 100 repairs on sections of defective pipeline, varying in size from 375 to 600 mm.  

Less disruptions 

One of the biggest benefits of using Smart Lock has been the removal of costs associated with re-instating road and existing concrete infrastructure where the project is taking place. The technology can be installed in a reduced site footprint, with rehabilitation only requiring access to stormwater pits.

The use of trenchless technology is greatly minimising the impact of the project on the surrounding faura, fauna, soil erosion and contamination. The use of Smart Lock creates minimal waste while using as few resources as possible, avoiding the excavation of trenches which can harm landscaping, trees, habitat, and wildlife.

These outcomes illustrate that combining fit for purpose trenchless technology with a specialist contractor with proper training and experience in installation, pipe relining creates minimal waste while using as few resources as possible.

For more information visit Smart Lock or Dig Hard Excavations. 

This article featured in the June edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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