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Interflow impresses with Primus Line in NZ

In mid-May, one of Interflow’s WA crews headed across to New Zealand to help complete a job at the top of New Zealand’s South Island.

A large-scale job for the team, with plans for the project ongoing since 2019, the works completed by Interflow is an impressive notch in their belt of success.

Partnering with local contractors and council, the project consisted of the rehabilitation of a previously abandoned pressured sewer line which hadn’t been utilised since 2007.

The highlight of the project was the use of Interflow’s Primus Line solution.

The Primus Line is a versatile liner system for the transport of liquid and gaseous media. The flexible liner, reinforced with aramid fabric alongside specifically developed connectors form a high-performance solution for the trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipes or for setting up a robust independently placeable flexible line.

The WA team was able to install the Primus Line solution over a 1.1km length in one continuous pull.

This makes it the longest pull of a DN500 Primus Line ever in both AUS and NZ. The single pull was necessary as the pipeline intersected a large section of water between the two entry points.

Posting some images from the project online, Interflow thanked those involved in the project and expressed excitement over the future of the company, anticipating more New Zealand projects in years to come.

Interflow is Australia and New Zealand’s leading provider of trenchless pipeline solutions. Home to several patented products and technologies aimed at renewing pipeline infrastructure within water, wastewater, stormwater and culverts the organisation is renowned for its forward-thinking approach to innovation.

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