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How iMPREG became the first choice for ANZ pipe rehabilitation projects


iMPREG provides an insight on the benefits of going the extra mile for on-site service support.

When it comes to trenchless pipe rehabilitation projects, iMPREG has fast become the partner of choice for Australian and New Zealand municipalities. Here is how.

Every iMPREG project starts with the best local solution in mind

iMPREG’s unparalleled project support typically already starts during the project tendering stage. Their team go to great lengths to fully understand the local site conditions before proposing any technical solution. The pre-tender information they seek includes, for example, wastewater content, its temperature, traffic loads, water table depth, grade of pipe deformation, and full host pipe material specs.

For iMPREG’s piping experts, a comprehensive and accurate overview of site conditions includes reviewing CCTV pipe footage. “Right from the beginning, we work closely with our clients’ local teams, take in all information and ask questions that others don’t. That way, we are sure we fully understand what we are dealing with before coming up with answers,” says Kevin Woolf Jnr, iMPREG’s Country Manager Australia/New Zealand.

This comprehensive project scoping allows iMPREG to shape their tender responses precisely geared for the task at hand for a tailor-made pipe rehabilitation solution. All details are considered, from liner thickness to the resin solution and choice of the optimal protective layer to required project equipment such as winches, cranes, pumps, generators and UV curing equipment. If applicable, iMPREG also offers consulting services on bypass solutions and any suggested pre-works on site.

iMPREG’s dedicated technicians ensure every rehabilitation project goes smoothly

During each project, iMPREG’s dedication to on-site project execution excellence is not limited to delivering their world-class quality liners to the installation site on time and fully protected. iMPREG technicians actively onboard all client teams on the job site in person. They explain all steps involved, including placing the gliding film, how the curing process and equipment work, safely inserting the liner into the maintenance hole and assessing the curing result with a CCTV robot.

“We offer close consultation during every step of the way, and there is extra support available for particular pipe challenges such as big DN or dimension change situations. I am really proud of our team, they always go the extra mile, on every job they do,” says Woolf Jnr. “We are always just a phone call or email away.”

With iMPREG, clients get globally recognised product quality with local installation and technical service excellence.

For more information visit iMRPEG.

This article featured in the June edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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