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kwik-ZIP reflects on 2022 No-Dig


Reflecting on the 2022 conference, kwik-ZIP expressed that it was fantastic to be able to see so many current customers and connect with new contacts within the industry, particularly after the difficulties faced by all over the past few years with the lack of face to face opportunities. 

“Thanks to our loyal customers for taking the time to stop by our booth to say hello.  We look forward to working with you all in the new financial year ahead.”

Used and recommended by pipeline and civil contractors around the world, kwik-ZIP centraliser and spacer systems are solving production casing centralisation challenges throughout the pipeline industry.

kwik-ZIP maintains a focus on price effectiveness, simplicity, and rapid on-site assembly, to ensure that our systems deliver significant cost, time and operational advantages to our customers.

kwik-ZIP’s spacers and centralisers have a segmented design, meaning they can be fit to an extensive range of pipe diameters with the addition of multiple segments.

Available in various product series (including HDXT, HDX, HD, GT, 380, and 155), each series is also available with varying bow/runner heights, making these highly flexible products.

Kwik-ZIP spacers series HDX and HDXT are the only casing spacers on the market that have been approved as compliant by WSAA.

For any specific project requirements that kwik-ZIP can assist you with or if you have any questions regarding its products please contact the company at sales@kwikzip.com or www.kwikzip.com.

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