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Quick-Lock systems: chemical-free and safe for all water rehab


The Quick-Lock system is a trenchless pipe repair solution that restores the integrity of pipes and seals out of groundwater. Comprised of a pneumatically expanding rehabilitation sleeve, Quick-Lock provides structural repair to the inside of pipelines, and is specifically designed for point repair, pre-lining stabilisation works, and as a liner end seal. 

What sets Quick-Lock apart from other rehabilitation systems, however, is its versatility and reliability. Not only is it suitable for all pipe materials, but its patented locking system and static capabilities allow the sleeve to remain permanently in position and absorb the natural tectonic movements of the pipe.

Other benefits include: 

• Fast, secure, and immediately effective repairs with minimal preparation. 

• Installed using no dig technology for minimal disruption.

• Installed without the use of resins, chemicals or glue saving labour and curing time. 

• Suitable for sewer, storm water and even drinking water.   

• Effective and non-destructive solution to underground pipe damage. 

Common applications of the Quick-Lock system include cracked systems, root intrusions, leaks, pressure pipes and joint displacements. Manufactured using long-life materials that are designed to outlast almost any other repair solution, Quick-Lock has revolutionised sewer rehabilitation and is the ideal choice for long-term watertight lining projects.

Another attractive feature of this new system is its simple installation process. The Quick-Lock system is transported to the repair spot by a CCTV crawler, and once it’s in position, the packer is inflated, and the machine’s locking device holds the sleeve firmly against the pipe, sealing the damage. 

The ring space between the liner and the old pipe is permanently sealed and the liner end is protected against the mechanical influences of high-pressure cleaning. SECA also provides installation training to new clients.

A number of Quick-Lock users, within Australia and worldwide, have expressed their satisfaction with SECA’s new product, including James Pickup, the director of Australian Pipeline Management (PMA). His company uses SECA’s Quick-Lock systems for point repairs on pipelines, and he says that the efficient, easy installation of the system is the main reason APM continues to employ it. 

“We’ve used it successfully over various different contracts with a number of different clients, from councils to tier one projects to Transport NSW projects,” Pickup says. 

“A lot of the time, our projects are under traffic control – under ROLs – so repairs are very time sensitive.

“With the Quick-Lock system, we can come in within a short window and do what they need doing, and no one will have ever known we were there.”  

Importantly, SECA’s latest innovation is also a more environmentally conscious technology. Quick-Lock uses heavy-gauge 316 stainless steel with infiltration abatement and an EPDM rubber gasket, sealing and stabilising damage by mechanical means. 

This removes the need to use chemicals during the repair process, making it safe to use in all types of environments.

For more information visit SECA.

This article featured in the June edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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