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Last stretch for CRL


The TBM, named Dame Whina Cooper, has finished the process of breaking through at Mercury Lane. 

Boring for the final tunnel will head north, with the TBM heading towards Mayoral Drive and Te Wai Horotiu Station (Aotea).

CRL’s Link Alliance are preparing the final station for the TBM’s breakthrough in midtown.

Preparations include building a landing pad for the safe retrieval and removal of the TBM at the end of its journey.

Reinforcements are being set for the eventual platform and tracks beneath Mayoral Drive, which will be laid along the eastern tunnel that was completed last year.

Once the boring is completed, the tunnels will be fitted with:

  • 16 km of rails
  • 816 km of signal cables
  • 247 km of low voltage cables
  • 74 km of cable containment
  • 86 km of traction cables

The TBM is being moved on rails through the tunnel cavern at Karanga a Hape Station. For some portions of this trip, there is as little as 1 cm of clearance for the machine.

Overall, the CRL is a 3.45 km twin tunnel project at a depth of 42 km beneath the city.

While the TBM only broke through at Mt Eden earlier this month, The CRL project is following a strict turnaround, aiming to respond adequately to Auckland’s annual population growth by improving movement through the city as the population grows.

The TBM is expected to break through in September.

To directly follow the TBM’s journey, click here.


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