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CRL counting down to final breakthrough

CRL team

The TBM has begun to tunnel its way from Karanga a Hape (Karangahape) Station towards its final destination at Te Wai Horotiu Station (Aotea).

The previous breakthrough, at Karangahape was a huge achievement for the teams of workers supporting the massive infrastructure project.

In order to relaunch the TBM, workers had to transport it across to the next subtunnel and use a thrust frame to push it against the tunnel so it could start boring again.

The CRL project is still the largest infrastructure project in New Zealand. It has been undertaken while complying with a list of more than 500 conditions from Auckland City Council, as well as authorities obtained from Heritage New Zealand.

The next breakthrough will complete the tunnelling portion of the 3.45 twin-tunnels project. So far the TBM has bored 1130 metres of the second tunnel, installed 539 concrete rings, and removed over 75, 000 tonnes of earth.

The project costs $4.4 billion, and will double the number of people within 30 minutes of central Auckland – the largest employment hub in the country. When fully operational, it is believed that 54, 000 passengers per hour will utilise CRL stations during peak periods – around double its current capacity.

The tunnels connect two existing stations – Waitematā (Britomart) and Maungawhau (New Eden) – as well as containing the two new underground stations – Aotea and Karangahape.

To directly follow the TBM’s journey, click here.

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