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kwik-ZIP’s spacers make waves at WSAA

In mid-2016, kwik-ZIP’s HDX Series casing spacer was the first ever spacer system to be approved as compliant with WSA PS-324. The successful appraisal of the HDXT Series marks the second instance in which kwik-ZIP’s casing spacers have been formally recognised as complying with WSA PS-324 for casing spacers. 

Notably, both products are the only casing spacers on the market that have been approved as compliant by WSAA. 

The WSA PS-324 Product Specification prescribes casings spacer requirements for correct protection of carrier pipes when installed inside casings and was released in early November 2015. The specification outlines various requirements of the spacer including use of materials, abrasion resistance, requirement for wear pads, runner height flexibility and minimum runner spacing around the pipe.

Jason Linaker, Managing Director and creator of the Australian-owned kwik-ZIP HDXT and HDX series, says that he is proud to have a second WSA PS-324 compliant series officially recognised by the industry. The recognition will afford kwik-ZIP the chance to continue to support safer and longer lasting installations across the board.

“kwik-ZIP casing spacers will protect pipes, make installation easier and extend the life of your asset, and now with WSAA approval for two product series, choosing the right spacer for longevity and success is even easier,” says Linaker.

The HDXT Series casing spacer can be used for medium to heavy weight pipe materials including steel, ductile iron, GRP, FRP, concrete, PVC and PE. Furthermore, it’s suitable for both pressure and non-pressure pipelines in grouted and un-grouted installations.

The casing spacers utilise a segmented design that enables the system to be used on a variation of carrier pipes from 100 mm OD to 3000 mm OD.  Spacers for larger diameter carrier pipes are also available. The spacers are manufactured from kwik-ZIP’s engineered thermoplastic blend. 

The spacers incorporate low friction high abrasion resistant wear pads, attached to load sharing runners. The number of segments required for each spacer is determined by the outside diameter of the carrier pipe.

kwik-ZIP spacers are used and recommended by pipeline and civil contractors around the world.

“Flexibility of the design means various runner heights across the two series of products can be achieved, allowing for different pipe/casing combinations and a broad range of carrier pipe dimensions,” says Linaker.

“Although spacers are usually a small part of the overall pipe installation process, correctly designed and fitted non-metallic spacers with low friction runners can significantly increase the life expectancy of the pipeline by mitigating corrosion, protecting it from abrasion and scoring during insertion and by reducing installation forces on joints during slip lining.”

The different runner heights across the HDX and HDXT models ensures that pipeline installers can handle a very broad range of carrier pipe OD and casing host pipe ID combinations. It also grants installers the ability to custom pipe position for grade control or centring.

In addition to receiving WSAA approval, other kwik-ZIP products have also been added to the Accepted Infrastructure Products and Materials (IPAM) list for the southeast Queensland Water Supply and Sewerage Design and Construction Code (SEQ Code). 

Likewise, kwik-ZIP have also been added to the Melbourne Retail Water Agencies (MRWA) approved products list. The MRWA is a joint association of three major water retailers owned by the Victorian government: South East Water, Yarra Valley Water and Greater Western Water.

WSAA appraisal information can be found at https://www.wsaa.asn.au/appraisal/kwik-zip-pty-ltd-kwik-zip-hdx-and-hdxt-casing-spacers


For more information visit kwik-ZIP.

This article appeared in the August edition of Trenchless Australasia.

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