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SECA leads the way in trenchless pipe rehab and repair needs

Sewer Equipment Company (Aust), better known as SECA, offers a comprehensive range of products from a simple plumber’s drain cleaning rod, to the latest in high-tech CCTV inspection equipment and software to equip its customers with the latest pipe rehab and repair tools.

As a one-stop-shop for trenchless pipe repair solutions, SECA has one of the most successful systems for point pipeline repair to date. 

The Quick-Lock system is a trenchless pipe repair solution that restores the integrity of pipes and seals out groundwater. Comprised of a pneumatically expanding rehabilitation sleeve, Quick-Lock provides structural repair to the inside of pipelines, and is specifically designed for point repair, pre-lining stabilisation works, and as a liner end seal. 

What sets Quick-Lock apart from other rehabilitation systems, however, is its versatility and reliability. Not only is it suitable for all pipe materials, but its patented locking system and static capabilities allow the sleeve to remain permanently in position and absorb the natural tectonic movements of the pipe.

Common applications of the Quick-Lock system include cracked systems, root intrusions, leaks, pressure pipes and joint displacements. Manufactured using long-life materials that are designed to outlast almost any other repair solution, Quick-Lock has revolutionised sewer rehabilitation and is the ideal choice for long-term watertight lining projects.

Positioned usually by a crawler and expanded pneumatically, Quick-Lock’s rehab sleeve provides structural, trenchless pipe repair with heavy-gauge 316 stainless steel, plus infiltration abatement with an EPDM rubber gasket.

Mark Haebler, UHRIG International Sales and Development, says that the Quick-Lock system has been successfully used for many years, 30 years in 2023, as a repair method for closed sewer rehabilitation. 

The UHRIG Quick-Lock system is much more than just a repair procedure. The patented Quick-Lock-System based on compression and the durable materials 1.4404/316L stainless steel and EPDM or NBR or Silicon and without any chemicals has proven itself in the renovation of pipes over many years. 

In addition to the classic application as a repair method in sewer rehabilitation, the Quick-Lock system is also used for connecting pipe liner systems and for rehabilitating walkable sewers.

Further enhancing its rehab and repair capabilities, SECA is also a supplier of Telleborg products. This includes its trenchless pipe rehabilitation solutions, which are eco-friendly technologies to service and maintain underground utilities in a less disruptive way than open trench working, that now has a tested service life of 100 years.

One of the Telleborg products SECA has on offer is the Telleborg Drain Packer. The Drain Packer method is suitable for the sectional repair of damaged buried gravity sewer pipes and pipelines.

It can be applied to the following situations: 

  • Leakage with or without groundwater infiltration or ex-filtration at pipe joints, pipe walls, lateral junctions.
  • Offset pipes, cracks and debris, ruptures.
  • Mechanical wear.
  • Corrosion.

Boasting a number of benefits, the Drain Packer repairs damage in the pipe and joint region over a length of 0.5 m to 5 m, even in the case of strong infiltration.

It also repairs pipes of nominal diameters from DN 50 to DN 1200 (WSA Product Appraisal 1918). 

“The Drain Packer can repair circular and egg-shaped pipes made of concrete, asbestos cement, plastics (PVC, PP, HDPE), cast iron, ductile cast iron, reinforced concrete and vitrified clay,” Haebler says. 

“For repair lengths exceeding 5 metres, the Epros Drain Packer method can be used with overlapping liners on the basis of specific instructions to be observed in such applications.”

For point repair systems, SECA can provide Cherne’s point repair carriers, which are available for multi-size line covers pipe sizes from 100mm to 900mm diameters and lengths up to 4.5m

Cherne’s carriers are known for both its durability and reliability. Featuring a maximum pipe contract guides and centre line ensures proper placement of repair medium to minimise waste and increase productivity. 

The carriers have also been redesigned to integrate caster wheel assembly and bypass channel has been optimised for ease of movement and enhanced bypass of effluent. 

SECA is always looking at ways to continue enhancing its product line to ensure its customers have the best access to trenchless pipe repair solutions in Australia.


For more information vist SECA.

This article appeared in the August edition of Trenchless Australasia

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