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Vacuum excavation: a safer and more environmentally friendly solution

After a recent launch in 2021, James Vac Solutions has taken the trenchless industry by storm thanks to its use of vacuum excavation.

Founded in 2021 by Dannielle and Jason James to work alongside their company Pipe Pro Directional Drilling, James Vac Solutions also operates as an independent hire for a range of projects. 

Dannielle and Jason have run their multi-ward winning trenchless business, Pipe Pro Directional Drilling, since 2013. The company provides specialist, innovative trenchless technology for the installation of a variety of pipes and utilities.

Priding itself of providing high quality directional drilling services to all clients, Pipe Pro Directional Drilling is dedicated to meeting each job with stringent safety standards to ensure a safe and professional environment both onsite and in the office. 

Benefiting from this professionalism and the stellar reputation of Pipe Pro Directional Drilling, is James Vac Solutions. 

Speaking on founding the company, Dannielle explained that her and Jason believed it was a natural progression of their expansion into the civil construction industry.

“We could see how beneficial Vacuum Excavation was becoming in our industry and constantly fielding enquiries about our existing trucks that were being used every day with our drilling crews,” said Dannielle.

Specialising in vacuum excavation, the company offers a more environmentally friendly method of excavating.

It offers high-pressure water jetting services rather than traditional methods to not only ensure pipes and drains are free from any blockages or build up – but is also safer alternative for the public, the operator and the environment. 

Not only does it minimise damage underground and to existing pipes, but it also removes build-up of grime, can aid in the removal of stubborn tree roots and is also cost effective.

Likewise, James Vac Solutions also offers hydro excavation services – a safe and non-destructive method of drilling which is used to locate underground services. 

According to James Vac Solutions, hydro excavation is particularly useful in circumstances in which assets are difficult to locate or are in high volume which could lead to an increased risk. 

Thankfully, the company boasts a state-of-the-art, custom made 11,000 litre vacuum excavation truck which is capable of providing hydro excavation services to fit the needs of any client or project. More recently in 2022, JVS has added an additional two vacuum excavation truck and a street sweeper to keep up with demand.

Hydro excavation provides several benefits compared to alternative excavation methods such as traditional excavators or jackhammers. These benefits include reducing the damage made to existing underground assets (such as power, water and telecommunications assets), improved control over the depth and location of excavation and can be performed in a range of different types of ground surfaces.

Traditional digging using excavators requires open cutting roads, paddocks and nature strips to install pipelines or locate underground services. Understandably, this method can cause undue damage to the surrounding environment while vacuum excavation utilises high pressure water jetting to expose underground utilities without the danger of digging around amongst live services with an excavator. This being performed in a fraction of the time. 

By pairing James Vac Solution’s capabilities with vacuum excavation and Pipe Pro Directional Drilling’s expertise and renown when it comes to directional drilling, the two companies can continue to develop and connect homes and businesses to necessary utilities in a safer and more environmentally conscious manner.

“Building Pipe Pro Drilling over the past 9 years has seen us develop relationships with a diverse client base. Our reputation and brand are trusted across Victoria so adding James Vac Solutions to the fleet has allowed us to provide our customers with a full range of NDD services to safely install underground infrastructure,” said Dannielle.

“We are excited to announce that James Vac Solutions are finalists in two categories of the Federation University Commerce Ballarat Business Excellence Awards. We are down to the final three businesses in the Federation University Technology Park Innovation Award Category and Runway HQ Newcomer Business Award. The winners will be announced at a Gala Dinner on the 25th of August which the whole team is looking forward to.”


For more information visit James VAC Solutions.

This article appeared in the August edition of Trenchless Australasia.

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