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iMPREG’s commitment to helping the environment – One trenchless project at a time

Thanks to its innovative products and installation practices, iMPREG projects are always resource-saving and environmentally ahead of the curve.

iMPREG’s UV liners are renowned for being the quickest, cleanest, and quietest method to rehabilitate a sewer or stormwater pipe

Suitable liners for any pipe environment

With future oriented CIPP liners based on fibreglass material, iMPREG rehabilitation solutions master even the largest dimensions and highly complex remits. As a result, no matter what shape a sewage is in, iMPREG liners will fit and prolong the life of any sewer for another 50 years, with fewer raw materials needed per project.

“We promise to rehabilitate sewage and water systems without leaving behind contamination or environmental damage,” says iMPREG’s Manager for Australia and New Zealand Kevin Woolf Jnr.

With CIPP liners based on fibreglass material, iMPREG rehabilitation solutions master even the largest dimensions.

“We achieve this with our globally unique technical installation method, which uses a low power output compared to conventional steam and water inversion.”

Environmentally friendly installation and lower on-site footprint

Contrary to conventional methods, iMPREG technology uses clean air to calibrate its liners, thus avoiding the discharge of styrene water.

Add to that fast-curing times for minimal disturbance and impact to residential areas and traffic conditions, and the advantages become even clearer:

  • Rapid: Every day, up to three pipes can be rehabilitated and then immediately returned to operation.
  • Trenchless: No more excavation needed – there is almost no effect on traffic, and the environment is protected
  • No negative effects: There is no nuisance to residents and no negative effect on the quality of life. 
  • Low space requirements: Can be implemented even in inner-city areas where space is at a premium.

“After rehabilitation with IMPREG liner, our clients’ assets are securely protected for decades to come, even under the most demanding loadings. We are proud of that,” says Woolf.

For more information visit iMPREG’s website.


This article appeared in the August edition of Trenchless Australasia.

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