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PEF Commercial Finance is rising to the challenge of increasing interest rates

While PEF Commercial Finance offers a wide range of services, appreciating the importance of getting the deal secured for the client in a timely fashion and understanding the client’s needs are the first step they take.

Dedicated to providing business finance brokering services and consulting, PEF Commercial Finance has been for offering its services to the trenchless industry for over 40 years. Offering its clients friendly, prompt and courteous service, the Melbourne-based finance brokering service prides itself on securing the best hassle-free business finance solution for the specific needs of each client. 

The company prides itself on delivering professional finance brokering services to small, medium and large business with clients operating across a wide range of industries located throughout Australia. 

With experience in dealing with some of the largest and most reliable financers, lenders, bankers and credit providers in the country, PEF has the expertise to provide its clients with the best advice possible. 

PEF aims to take the hassle out of asset funding applications, by having one of PEF’s experienced finance brokers coordinate, organise and compile a client’s documents for delivery along with any additional required materials. PEF then arranges the final sign-up immediately so that the client can enjoy the use of the new business equipment or vehicle, without the stress of having to organise formal documentation.

Finance Broker Theo Robotis has over 30 years’ experience in the financial service world and has been with PEF Commercial Finance for a decade. Robotis understands the challenges clients in the resources and trenchless industry face when it comes to securing quality financial advice and assistance.

“If I boil it down, the reason why customers keep coming back to us is because we put in the work to ensure they get the best deals possible,” says Robotis. “We step in and save them not only money, but time by going straight to the most reliable lenders active in the market.”

“By reaching out to us to get your financials in order, when the opportunity comes up to buy or lease some equipment, you can find that asset that you’re after and be in a solid position to negotiate good terms.

“We’re there to facilitate all the nitty and gritty finance aspects; we step in, with a real understanding of how the industry works in a way that a standard bank officer doesn’t, to help guide you in the right direction.”

PEF knows better than anyone that deciding on the type of finance most suited to your business needs and circumstances can be difficult – especially during such a tumultuous time. But never fear, PEF has a lock-in interest rate guarantee that ensures certainty and security for the length of a client’s contract. 

“Once a client signs their contract and it’s approved – that’s it. Whatever interest rate was secured on the day is locked in, even if interest rates go up,” says Robotis.

According to the Reserve Bank, as of 5 July 2022, interest rates are sitting at near historic lows and are looking set to rocket upwards in the coming months. Looking back at historic figures, says Robotis, current interest rates are nothing to panic about. 

Nevertheless, locking in the rate now before they begin to rise is the best bet when it comes to getting your bang for your buck, says Robotis.

But PEF is focused on more than just helping its clients save; the company understands that its clients’ needs finance brokers as dedicated to their stability and secure as they are.

“It’s about more than locking in the best interest rates or the best deal. It’s also about creating the reassurance that even if something monumental happens in the market, our clients know we have their vested interest and that no nasty increase in interest rates are going to surprise them,” he says.

For more information visit PEF’s website.


This article appeared in the August edition of Trenchless Australasia

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