Directhitt Trenchless targets business growth

When working on specialised Civil Engineering projects requiring Microtunnelling, having a wealth of experience is key.

With decades worth of knowledge, Directhitt Trenchless’s new Business Development Manager for Microtunnelling Dimce Sijakovski has the know-how to bring any project to fruition.

Sitting down to speak with Trenchless Australasia, Sijakovski reflects on his successful and decades long career within the trenchless industry. 

Directhitt Trenchless’s Business Development Manager for Microtunnelling Dimce Sijakovski.

Introduced to the industry in eastern Europe at the beginning of his career, Sijakovski spent the mid 90’s working on a large-scale cross country pipeline project in Macedonia. The project involved the completion of multiple trenchless crossings along the pipeline and was ultimately a wonderful exposure to the industry for Sijakovski, introducing him to the innovations unfolding in the trenchless industry at the time.

Following this, Sijakovski began his career working in the Australian trenchless industry when he joined HDD innovator Cherrington in 2000. At Cherrington, Sijakovski took on the role of International Business Development Manager, shouldering the responsibilities of quality assurance and project management for the company. 

This role granted him the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects throughout Australia and Asia.

“At the time, Cherrington was one of the biggest horizontal directional drilling contractors in not just Australia but internationally,” says Sijakovski. “They were the founders of HDD back in the 70’s in the United States.”

“Not one job was the same as any other when I was working with Cherrington. I was able to travel extensively, marketing their services around the world. While Cherrington won a lot of work in Australia, I also had the opportunity to work on projects in India and South Korea while marketing the company worldwide to potential clients.”

Part of what drew Sijakovski to the company was Cherrington’s place as the innovators and leaders of the HDD Industry. For example, in 2001 Cherrington designed and built a Pipe Thruster HDD rig in Smithfield in Sydney that was utilized on the Partricia Baleen Pipeline project for OMV near Orbost in Victoria, to install 12-inch coated steel pipelines, which were welded onshore and pushed into the boreholes. An innovative approach which was later used by others seeking to manage the risks associated with Shore Crossing construction. 

Following his time with Cherrington, he has continued to work for a variety of trenchless contractors in similar roles such as contract and project management, business development and implementation of Quality Assurance Systems.

Sijakovski’s new role as Business Development Manager for Microtunnelling at Directhitt will see the company grow and develop its microtunnelling division. An opportunity which, according to Sijakovski, was simply too good to refuse.

The Directhitt business is one of Australia’s oldest and long-standing Trenchless companies formed back in 1995 by Albert Hendrickx. Over the years, Directhitt’s record of project delivery has been well-documented earning it the reputation as the contractor of choice.

“Keeping in mind the wonderful reputation of the owner, Albert Henrickx, has – to be honest his references are simply out of this world. He demands a lot of respect in the industry for a very good reason,” says Sijakovski.

“It is a great opportunity to grow the microtunnelling division of the business given Directhitt is predominantly a major HDD contractor. Our aim is to offer a full package when it comes to trenchless services, including installation of segmental concrete and steel shafts. 

“The trenchless industry is a small industry but at the same time it’s a complex one – there are different methods of microtunnelling such as vacuum extraction, open face pipe jacking, earth pressure balance microtunnelling and slurry microtunnelling but not all methodologies are appropriate for all ground conditions.

“The capacity for trenchless technologies to be developed and built in Australia has always attracted me. Directhitt definitely has that capability and capacity for growth. Ensuring the industry is aware of the full scope of capabilities of the company and that their strong reputation continues to develop,” he says.

Directhitt covers an extensive range of equipment including laser-guided microtunnelling units for varying ground conditions and has constructed some of the most complex trenchless projects in Australia. With expertise in civil engineering covering pipeline installation, Directhitt is able to provide a total project solution for its clients in a variety of markets. 

Thanks to Sijakovski this legacy is only set to continue as he works to continue Directhitt’s reputation as hardworking and capable of not only taking on complex projects but delivering on them on every occasion as well.

For more information visit Directhitt’s website.


This article appeared in the August edition of Trenchless Australasia

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