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From maintenance hole relining to NDD services, Rangedale has Queensland covered


A family-owned, Australian business, Rangedale is dedicated to leading the pack in offering comprehensive and innovative turnkey drainage and infrastructure solutions.

After opening its new Queensland depot, Rangedale is more capable than ever to offer its most comprehensive services possible.

Since Rangedale was established in 2003, the company’s philosophy has remained the same; “keep it running”. An industry leader in constructing, maintaining and repairing drains across the eastern seaboard of Australia, the Rangedale staff prides themselves on a strong work ethic, always putting safety first and carrying out every job with commitment and professionalism.

Adam Kermeen, General Manager for Drainage and Civil at Rangedale, grew up around the business as the son of the founder and Managing Director of the company. With eight years of experience and a lifetime worth of knowledge under his belt, Kermeen knows first-hand exactly what makes Rangedale stand out from its competitors.

“I like to think that we’re industry leaders when it comes to the range of things that we do,” says Kermeen. “From non-disruptive digging to CCTV and relining to traffic management, we bring a lot of innovation to the industry.”

“We’ve grown quite rapidly over the last 10 years and we’re constantly working to set the bar higher and higher for ourselves – we import a lot of higher spec trucks from Italy in order to offer a better product on site. And in doing so, we encourage other companies to follow suit to do the same thing to meet that demand and continue to elevate the industry.”

The company boasts a comprehensive range of services thanks to the scale of its fleet, personnel, industry knowledge and expertise. This makes Rangedale the first choice for many when it comes to drain cleaning, manhole construction and relining, restoration, NDD, bulk liquid and slurry waste management and a wealth of other services.

Furthermore, Rangedale runs Australia’s most modern fleet of industrial vehicles alongside excavators, tippers, vacuum education units and other specialised equipment, tools, and plant and safety equipment which are purpose built to service any industry.

“We like to think of ourselves as sort of a one stop shop in Victoria, New South Wales and now Queensland,” says Kermeen. 

“A lot of the jobs we go out to are, in a sense, service proving jobs. A lot of companies might have to hire a few different contractors to complete the full scope of a project because maybe they don’t have, for example, services locators or surveyors or saw cutters but at Rangedale we offer the whole range of services. 

“This means we don’t have to hire any subcontractors to get a job done; we do it all in house. Anything we need to do; we can do and that’s something that Rangedale really prides itself on being able to provide.”

Since the company was established, Rangedale has completed works on behalf of some of Australia’s major projects and utilities including Yarra Valley Water, VicRoads, the West Gate Tunnel project, Greater Western Water, Multiplex among several others. 

In a bid to further its commitment to providing the highest quality and widest range of services to the Australian market as possible, Rangedale has recently opened its first Queensland depot. 

“We saw such a good opportunity to join the Queensland market – there’s not really many larger businesses like Rangedale that work across a range of industries in the way that we do there just yet,” says Kermeen. 

“With NDD trucks, CCTV cameras, relining divisions, service locators and surveyors; there’s not really anyone offering such a vast range in Queensland as we are able to.

“With the 2032 Brisbane Olympics on the horizon, the Queensland government is talking about doing some large-scale projects there. Being able to get our foot in the door now and establish the company’s name will be a fantastic opportunity.”

Looking to the future, there is a lot more in store for Rangedale as it sets its sights firmly on building a name and strong presence within the Queensland market. After only recently having established the depot, Rangedale is already reaping the benefits of its hard work and solid reputation as it’s tapped to complete projects such as the Gold Coast Light Rail project.

The Gold Coast Light Rail project is a three-year, $1.2 billion project set to reinvigorate the transportation system as a response to continuing population growth. The project is designed to connect communities with businesses and job opportunities, hospitals and medical facilities, educational opportunities as well as entertainment and sporting centres. 

Rangedale’s work on the project in addition to others, including the Queens Wharf project in Brisbane, is a testament to the company’s determination to build a branch of the business in Queensland that mirrors those located in Victoria and New South Wales. 

“I’ve grown up around the business and have been quite involved in the company from a young age, I’ve seen my dad build it to what it is now,” says Kermeen.

“Throughout all of it we’ve seen the values of hard work and loyalty continue through the management group at every stage, including our employees out there on the ground. At the end of the day, our employees are the reflection of the company, so we like to ensure that those values are carried through at every level of the business and that we look after all our team just as we did when we were a smaller scale family business.

“It’s important to us that no matter how big Rangedale becomes, that we continue to try to hold on to that.”

For more information visit Rangedale’s website.


This article appeared in the August edition of Trenchless Australasia

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