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Innovative maintenance hole tool arrives in Australia and New Zealand

Pipe Core has introduced another innovative product to Australasia which saves time, effort and money when releasing maintenance hole access covers.

The ManUp Key is a UK-manufactured solution for raising maintenance hole covers with minimal effort. The unique set available from Pipe Core is perfectly suited to drainage, gas, electricity, telecoms, pest control, fire service and drinking water covers and plates.

ManUp Key available from Pipe Core

Fitted with two handles and featuring non-slip soft rubber grip, the product is the perfect one-person tool for lifting stubborn access covers without chiselling or hammering.

ManUp Key’s unique design is also ideal for maintaining good posture on site and accommodating different heights in an operational team for multiple industries.

It features a unique and patented slide-hammer action, allowing users to exert temporary upward force on covers.

When combined with the correct tip, users are able to strike stuck covers from below forcing them upwards.

Thanks to this design, impact is absorbed by the cover itself meaning the key is not just highly effective but also safe.

Used in accordance with an organisation’s HSE procedures, users can avoid back injuries commonly caused by standard lifting methods.

It’s proven to lift stubborn maintenance hole covers almost every time, saving time in hammering down, chiselling around the edges, requiring large tools and specialised equipment and further agencies, and replaces other tools needed to raise stubborn manholes,

Using ManUp Key greatly reduces the risk of broken manholes, meaning no other agencies need to be commissioned and all tips are available to fit the one device.

For more information visit the Pipe Core website.


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