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Drainchem plug supply deficit

Drainchem has teamed up with Plugline, one of Europe’s leading plug manufacturer, to introduce an exciting range of Packers, Pillow Plugs, Cone Plugs and lifting bags – now available in Australia.

Drainchem has been as a reliable supplier of high-quality pipe plugs and joint testers for many years now. Drainchem also build plugs for custom applications including high and very high pressure inflatable plugs. Drainchem also carry a huge range of low- and high-pressure mechanical plugs up to 900 mm in stock. 

A recent project completed for Fortescue Metals Group involved 3 joint testers for 900 mm, 1000 mm and 1100 mm pipe with a test pressure rating of 50 Bar.

Packers: Drainchem now offer high quality pipe packers with or without bypass that are flexible for ease of installation. These high-quality packers are available to suit pipe sizes 25 mm up to 2000 mm in diameter and a patch length range from 400 mm to 5000 mm. Packers can be supplied with your required air fittings. The most common sizes of lateral packers and main line packers are in stock and available for shipping. Feedback from customers has been very positive for both quality and price. 

Flexible packers for a range of project requirements.

TopHat packers: Drainchem have also introduced packers that allow the installation of top hats to laterals from mains and are available in 100×100 mm, 150×100 mm and 150×150 mm. The host packer can be used as a standard packer and has an additional inflation port to enable the inflation of a top hat packer when fitted. 

Cone plugs: Also new to the Drainchem range are inflatable cone plugs to suit multiple pipe diameters chloroprene and aramid fabric reinforced with vulcanized rubber. The cone plugs fold down much smaller than a traditional rubber plug and this enables ease of access into pipes and manholes 

Pillow plugs: Another exciting product is the Inflatable pillow plugs. Ideal for larger pipes, these are flat like a matt and can be rolled up to help installation into the pipe. Available in sizes 600-100 mm up to 1800-2800 mm.

Lifting bags: A range of Inflatable lifting bags from 1000 kg to 77,000 kg lifting capacity with lifting height up to 600 mm. Ideal for positioning pipe in trenches or pumps onto pipes.

For more information visit Drainchem’s website.

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This article appeared in the October edition of Trenchless Australasia. Access the digital copy of the magazine here.

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