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It’s summertime – perfect conditions for pipe rehabilitation


Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to get your water pipe project underway. The weather conditions generally allow easy access to wastewater pipes and the quick IMPREG installation process allows for an uninterrupted life overground.

Traffic, public transport, or pedestrians will continue to flow with zero or only very limited restrictions during the IMPREG Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) liner installation. It doesn’t matter where in Australia, whether it is a big metropolitan area or out in small regional towns, IMPREG’s CIPP solution can be installed anywhere.

No dig – No interruption to life above the surface
The IMPREG Liner replaces old crumbling and often toxic lines with new UV-cured fibreglass lining. This superior piece of technology is environmentally safe and four to several times stronger E-modules than old traditional felt liners. The GL16 liner by IMPREG is the most versatile and cost-effective rehabilitation technology on the market today.

The inflatable fibreglass tubes designed to 50 years’ service lifetime and can be installed at up to 1000 feet at a time – no digging needed. This installation is done through an automated system which makes it not only cost-effective but also precise and safe. The job is completed in a single day. IMPREG’s solution is more CO2 friendly than traditional felt liner method on the market.

No matter whether it’s a busy road crossings or city centres to work beneath, with the trenchless pipe rehabilitation solution, users won’t interrupt any flow happening above the surface. Life goes on while preparing wastewater pipes below the surface for the generation ahead. IMPREG guarantees the least amount of intrusion to surroundings.

Preparing wastewater pipes for the future has never been easier
IMPREG guides clients through the whole installation process and assists from start to finish. The project-based production guarantees the maximum amount of flexibility and a perfect liner. Its factories have state of the art technology to deliver the highest standard of quality and a fast turn-around – from ordering to delivering from Brisbane warehouse in only a few days. Once IMPREG are on site with its customer, installation is a quick and easy process. At first, the old pipe will get a high pressurised cleaning after which the pipe is ready for the new IMPREG CIPP lining. The deflated liner is pulled into the faulty pipeline and sealed on both ends afterwards. High pressurised air follows to inflate the liner and lastly, a chain of UV lights is pulled through the pipe to cure and harden the liner. All this process is happening with the help of technology which will make the installation a unique, fast and safe experience.

Globally trusted – Now available in Australia
IMPREG has completed projects all across the world, from its origin in Germany, then moving to broader Europe, North America, Asia and now Australia. Customers benefit from a team that has a wealth of experience and a manufacturer that produced over 100,000 liners to date.

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