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A powerful vacuum excavation truck solution

Vermeer VSK100XT-1600

Finding a versatile and powerful vacuum excavation solution has always been a challenge for both civil and mining contractors.

Due to high demand, overland transport options have become limited, and expensive, with delays affecting project schedules. Transport regulations have also limited driving trucks on public roads. Working closely with its customers and suppliers, Vermeer Equipment of WA & NT has developed a practical solution that ticks all the boxes.

The Vermeer VSK100XT-1600 vacuum excavation truck is one of the biggest road compliant vac trucks in Western Australia.  The truck features the Vermeer VSK100XT-1600 power horse, which is installed onto a 4-axle heavy rigid (8×4 HR) truck. Particular attention was placed in the design of the vac truck to allow for operator accessibility, safety, balance and manoeuvrability. Additional features were also included to meet mine site operational and safety specifications.

Built to perform
With a compact one-piece skid design, the Vermeer VSK100XT-1600 vacuum excavation unit offers a number of key features to assist contractors to maximise their productivity.

It is the first of its kind to be released with a 5-inch hose – providing higher air flow velocity and increasing suction speed by as much as 20 per cent. A dual oil bath RootsTM blower provides machine longevity and the ability to quickly offload blockages and spoil.

The vacuum excavator also incorporates compact baffle tanks that maximise water storage without compromising on space and side profile. An integrated silencing system provides quieter operation on noise-sensitive sites.

Job accessibility is enhanced with a hydraulic boom that maintains hose length during extension, and incorporates a remote-controlled hydraulic valve for vacuum shut off.

Cleaning is made easy with an in-tank washdown system and cam-over hydraulic rear door, which provides a positive door seal even under reverse pressure.

The Vermeer VSK100XT-1600
The Vermeer VSK100XT-1600 vacuum excavation truck is one of the biggest road compliant vac trucks in Western Australia.

Job flexibility
To remain productive, many contractors face the need to move quickly from site to site. In WA in particular, this could see machinery being moved from major urban civil projects to remote mine sites in the Pilbara region. Access into some project areas can also be tight and restrictive. 

Being an integrated solution, the Vermeer VSK100XT-1600 vacuum excavation truck can be driven from site to site, without the need to be placed on a flatbed truck. This saves on transport costs and delays.

With a conservative side profile, the truck can also be driven into project sites with narrower entry points.

Fully compliant with transport regulations
With the challenge of matching performance with flexibility, many vacuum excavation trucks across Australia do not comply with stringent road transport regulations. This not only affects safety, it also leaves operators vulnerable to fines and insurance related issues. 

The Vermeer VSK100XT-1600 vacuum excavation truck complies with state laws pertaining to maximum vehicle weights (GVM) on main roads. This means it can be legally driven on main roads, at full capacity, in both WA and the NT – providing peace of mind for operators.

Ready to assist
If you have a need for a powerful and versatile vacuum truck solution, the team at Vermeer Equipment of WA & NT are ready to assist.

To discuss your specific drilling needs, call Vermeer on (08) 9479 4994

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