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Empire Infrastructure - Quinns Main Sewer

Empire is an infrastructure solution supplier with decades of experience providing solutions for major infrastructure projects across Australia and New Zealand.

Empire Infrastructure prides itself on supplying quality products, on time and in full, making them a one stop solution for jacking pipes, shafts and manholes. The company works with some of the highest quality suppliers across the globe — all of whom are industry leaders across their own specialised fields. 

Their expert sourcing team travels the world regularly in order to seek trusted manufacturers, Empire Infrastructure is equipped to deliver the kind of high caliber products required for large-scale civil infrastructure projects.

Empire Infrastructure has an expansive range of trenchless products including Centrifugally Cast GRP jacking pipe, Filament Wound GRP jacking pipe, Reinforced Concrete jacking pipe which can also be lined with HDPE, PVC, GRP and Steel. The company also supply’s precast concrete segments for shaft and sewer pump station applications as well as Centrifugally Cast or Filament Wound GRP manholes. 

Keeping busy on Picton
Involving the separation of century-old stormwater and wastewater pipes, the $24 million Picton Street Network Separation project in Auckland NZ is an impressive addition to Empire Infrastructure’s resume. 

The project, taking place in Freemans Bay, will help expand the network’s capacity to manage the increasing demands of Auckland’s growing population. The Freemans Bay area continually experiences around 40 overflows each year and has suffered from decades-long flooding issues.

The scheme saw 1 km of DN600 – DN1400GRP jacking pipe supplied by BOSSPIPE. In the lead up to the award of the project, in depth discussions took place between BOSSPIPE, the principal contractor for the project, March Constructions, and tunnelling contractor Rob Carr. It was decided that the option to use GRP jacking pipe in place of the previously specified concrete jacking pipe would be not only more cost effective but also timelier and would present a lower risk for the contractors during the installation process. 

Once March Constructions were successfully and officially awarded the contract, they engaged BOSSPIPE to supply the pipe to this high profile and sensitive project.

Empire Infrastructure contributed to the progress and success of the project greatly by supplying 360 metres of OD616 BOSSPIPE GRP jacking pipe, 365 metres of OD1127 BOSSPIPE GRP jacking pipe and 210m of OD1499 BOSSPIPE GRP jacking pipe.

Brooklyn and Ettamogah mean more than just sewers
The renowned and famous border town of Albury, NSW, is home to a collection of major sewer upgrades.

Local Albury company Longford Civil constructed sewer augmentation works alongside the Nexus Industrial hub at Ettamogah, just outside of Albury in NSW. An important step in preparing the 450-hectare site to become a major manufacturing, transport and logistics hub for the region.

The NSW Government is contributing $9.9 million to the critical infrastructure works as part of the Regional Growth Fund’s Growing Local Economies, funded from the Restart NSW Fund. This is in addition to funding from Albury  City and the Australian Government and complements previous NSW Government funding for associated road and rail upgrades.

Much like with the Picton Street Network Separation project, Empire Infrastructure supplied 1650 m of OD478 BOSSPIPE GRP jacking pipe, 90 m of OD427 BOSSPIPE GRP jacking pipe. Just a bit up the road and currently under construction is the Brooklyn Fields Sewer which incorporates 1100m of DN450 jacking pipe. The trenchless aspects of both of these Albury City were handled by the Adept Civil group. 

Gippsland wastewater services to get helping hand thanks to Empire
Gippsland Water supplies wastewater services to approximately 70,000 customers in a 5000 km2 region, southwest of Melbourne. In recent times, CRE Excavations have been a huge contributor to the upgrades in the region.

CRE managed to have installed almost 2800 m of DN300 – DN525 BOSSPIPE across five separate projects. As part of each project, CRE engaged the services of L&D Micro Tunnelling, and they successfully installed the jacking pipe using trenchless methods.

It made sense for CRE to go for the trenchless option, given the design depths and existing infrastructure. The size of the open trenches, the requirements of shields, the amount of backfill required and the safety risk were all eliminated by choosing the micro tunnelling with the BOSSPIPE CCGRP Jacking Pipe.

All part of Victoria’s big build: Empire on Glenroy level crossing
As part of the Victorian’ governments monumental level crossing removal project, the John Holland Group completed the removal of the Glenroy level crossing. 

The removal of the level crossing is set to improve congestion for the 19,000 vehicles that pass through the crossing each day as well as significantly improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

As part of the upgrade, the major stormwater pipeline needed to relocate as well. CP&P Australia was able to supply JHG with 370 m of reinforced concrete jacking pipe in order to allow the installation to be completed successfully and on time.

Creating new communities with the Parramatta Light Rail
A similarly major project which is set to create new communities, connect locations across NSW and help both locals as well as visitors navigate and explore all that the region has to offer, is the Parramatta Light Rail. Delivered to serve the ever-growing population of Sydney, the project is one of the NSW government’s latest major infrastructure projects.

Rob Carr were tapped by CPB/Downer to install 510 m of DN1500 and 72 m of DN1200 reinforced concrete pipe supplied by CP&P Australia in order to upgrade the stormwater infrastructure in the Parramatta region.

Extending Quinn’s Main Sewer
Continuing Empire Infrastructure’s tradition of an involvement with noteworthy infrastructure projects is their supplying of Macrete precast concrete segments to the Quinn’s Main Sewer Extension in Perth.

The Quinn’s Main Sewer, will allow conveyance of wastewater flows from Ellenbrook, Jandabup and Neerabup main pump stations into the Alkimos WWTP as the existing wastewater conveyance infrastructure, does not have sufficient capacity in the long term.

As of this writing, Rob Carr is currently undertaking the final leg of construction for the project. The project includes a large sewer pipeline and a number of deep shafts up to 9 m in diameter and up to 27 m deep. The concrete shaft segments are engineered and produced to the highest standard and suitable for various shaft diameters and depths.

Empire Infrastructure works with companies that have an extensive track record of successful project supply, delivering on time and in full, the company typically chooses to work with suppliers who have a strong focus on quality assurance. This also means Empire’s supply partners offer extensive experience in their respective field of expertise.

Thanks to the company’s position as a one-stop-shop for a variety of trenchless projects, Empire Infrastructure has been the infrastructure solution supplier across a wide range of recent projects in both Australia and New Zealand.

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