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TRACTO hosts Australasian contingent at Bauma

The new GRUNDODRILL ACS300 provides intelligent HDD solutions.

In October, TRACTO Australia hosted a group of contractors and partners from Australia and New Zealand at one of the world’s largest construction events in Munich, Germany.

The group of almost 20 people made the pilgrimage to Bauma 22, and were in attendance to see the manufacturer’s launch of its latest horizontal directional drilling (HDD) machine, the GRUNDODRILL ACS300.

Bauma is the one of the world’s leading trade shows for construction equipment and machinery. This year the event boasted approximately 3200 exhibitors from 60 countries, while nearly 500,000 visitors from more than 200 countries descended on Munich, half of which travelled internationally to get to the event.

Fostering partnerships
TRACTO Australia, led by Managing Director Jeff Rose and Sales Manager Daniel Toms, hosted a number of contractors and partners from Australia and New Zealand who had travelled over for the event. 

Rose says the trip was an opportunity to further develop the relationships the Australian subsidiary has with its clients.

“As a German manufacturer, Bauma is TRACTO’s most important event anywhere in the world,” he says.

“First and foremost, it was exciting to have some of our key partners from Australia and New Zealand here to see the event, and the launch of the machine in person. 

“However, it was also an opportunity for us to further develop those relationships, ensuring we have a deep understanding of their needs, enabling us to determine how best to support them and the unique challenges they face. 

“We also had key members of our engineering and design team, and service and support at the event as well, which gave our partners a unique opportunity to speak directly with the people who know the whole range of TRACTO machines better than anyone.”

During the course of Bauma, the manufacturer hosted a several networking events on its stand, giving the Australasian delegation an opportunity to learn more about the machines and also form relationships with TRACTO’s international team. 

As the local agent for fellow German manufacturer Prime Drilling, the event also enabled the visitors to learn more about Prime’s range of HDD machines as well as the company’s wider team. 

TRACTO attended Europe’s largest construction event.
TRACTO attended Europe’s largest construction event.

Intelligent new machine 
The new GRUNDODRILL ACS300, which was launched at Bauma, exemplifies TRACTO’s commitment to providing the HDD industry with intelligent, no-dig solutions for intact infrastructure projects.

The most powerful rock drilling rig in its class, the newest addition to the GRUNDORILL range is equipped with the largest possible engine, powering a large drill rod magazine and designed to the latest concepts in HDD operations. 

The ACS in the machine’s name stands for ‘all condition system’, reflecting the ACS300’s ability to drill in all geologies, up to and including solid rock.

The rig is loaded with features to guarantee success on the job and comfort for the operator: from a vibration-cushioned cabin with automatic air conditioning and electrical swivelling mechanism, to stabilisers that enable perfect alignment and positioning and an anchoring system that is perfect for anchoring it on the job site.

A hydraulic loading crane allows for the self-sufficient handling of additional drill rod boxes, single rods and accessories. 

The rig combines significantly increased rotation and rinsing capacities with the highest drive capacity in its class, while its fresh water tank includes a high-pressure cleaner to clean the rods and the rig once the job is done.

The ACS300 incorporates all the important functions identified for the best daily use on a jobsite. 

This diversity in application comes down to the use of the highest quality materials, granting the machine maximum reliability and diverse application.

The GRUNDODRILL ACS300 will be available for Australian operators in 2023.

In addition to the ACS300, TRACTO also exhibited a prototype of the company’s first electric drill, the JCS130 E. 

According to the manufacturer, the continued development of the prototype is an opportunity to supply the trenchless solutions in a new and sustainable society.

For more information visit TRACTO.

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