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Prime Drilling: Putting the customer first

Prime Drilling has perfected the design of its compact drilling rigs.

Prime Drilling has earned a reputation as a supplier of high-precision horizontal directional drilling equipment not only in Australia but across the world.

Prime Drilling’s rigs are made from the highest quality materials, and developed and designed to be robust, reliable, and low maintenance.

Since its establishment in 1999 Prime Drilling’s status has grown, establishing the relatively small company as a notable name in the global horizontal directional drilling (HDD) industry.

Mutual growth
Prime Drilling began as a manufacturer of custom built and designed HDD rigs, allowing the company to showcase its ongoing commitment to meeting the specific needs of its customer base.

As Prime Drilling demonstrated that hard work and reliability makes the company shine, the satisfaction of its customers ensured that it could grow alongside operators in the HDD industry.

International Sales and Service Director, Ralf Kiesow, has watched Prime Drilling grow since he started with the company 18 years ago.

“Over time, as our reputation and our expertise grew, there became more of a demand for bigger machines,” says Kiesow. 

He explains that there was a point in Prime Drilling’s history where it realised that it could tap into the open market for larger equipment – including its 80-tonne compact unit. It was only natural that the manufacturer would grow to meet those industry needs.

“From that realisation, we figured out that we could produce a standard model for this unit that could then be customised to suit the needs of specific clients,” says Kiesow.

Kiesow says a number of Prime Drilling’s products are gold standard and range from smaller compact units to the huge 150-tonne rigs that the company manufactures.

Built to last
The longevity of the manufacturer is due in part to the careful consideration that is made with regards to the availability of parts for its customisable rigs. By making its machinery compatible with a range of globally available standard parts, Prime Drilling ensures that clients can easy acquire replacements without the challenges usually involved in repairing custom rigs. The need to replace parts on Prime Drilling’s machines is not as common as operators think. The manufacturer has made hardy, reliable rigs that have boasted lifespans of at least 40 years – the equivalent of approximately 40,000 hours of use.

“With the bigger rigs, our customers have very specific needs. They’ll come to us with a long wish-list and our designers work very hard to meet those demands,” says Kiesow. 

The proof is in the product
Prime Drilling’s PD 45/19 CU is a consistent best-seller from its range of compact equipment. The machine demonstrates great efficiency and a small footprint, setting the standard for other compact rigs in the HDD industry. 

It was designed with specific attention to optimising weight and size, keeping the cost of transport and set-up to a bare minimum. Its 205 kilowatts of power and 19,000 Nm of torque makes the PD 45 the rig of choice for customers who need guaranteed fast, economic, and uncomplicated operation. 

Its CAT 7.1 ACERT motor features the latest emission standards and adjustable cooling systems, minimising fuel consumption and further optimising efficiency, while its feed and pull back functions for the hydraulic power rotary head are carefully driven by an internal rack and pinion feed system.

Power in people
Prime Drilling has grown steadily in small, deliberate steps. According to Kiesow, part of the reason for this is that the company has been sure that it is doing everything it can within its capabilities before expanding. The company also makes sure it’s investing in the right people.

“We’re very happy with the people we have,” says Kiesow. “Most of our people have been there since day one. Our people love what they’re doing; they live and breathe HDD.”

With its expertise in the HDD industry, and the focus on getting each step of its operations right, Prime Drilling has earned its place as a global manufacturer.

For more information visit Prime Drilling.

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