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Knowledge is power in the trenchless industry

SECA’s provides nationally recognised training courses.

SECA has expanded the training it can provide from its training centre.

SECA is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of equipment for the cleaning, testing, inspection and rehabilitation of pipes, sewers, and drains. As well as providing cutting-edge equipment to operators in rehabilitation and asset management, the company also provides nationally recognised training courses based in its warehouse at the head office in Sydney’s southwest.

With warehouses opened in other cities around Australia, SECA is also able to offer its training from its other warehouses in Brisbane and Melbourne, ensuring that operators around the country are equipped with the knowledge they need to operate safely across a variety of skillsets.

By reducing risk of harm to people, and damage to equipment, training is one of the most powerful ways that industry bodies can ensure incident-free execution of work and efficient delivery of projects – meeting deadlines and budgets.

SECA provides high-quality training across a variety of equipment and worksite operations that will equip attendees with a working knowledge of health and safety practices. From the operation of industrial drain cleaning systems to the CCTV courses for conduit inspection software and codes, SECA has operators covered.

SECA’s facility has purpose-built working pipes for training.
SECA’s facility has purpose-built working pipes for training.

Use high pressure water jetting (HPWJ assistant) equipment 
Commencing in February 2023, this course is designed for anyone who intends to work with Class B high pressure water pumps for either surface cleaning or the cleaning of pipelines. It covers water jetting equipment and how to operate it safely, the dangers of HPWJ, safe work practices and associated law, work permits and emergency response practices. The course produces an operator that requires supervision, but is more than capable of carrying out high pressure water jet work.

Operate a high pressure water jetting system
For personnel with more experience and knowledge of HPWJ, the Operate a High-Pressure Water Jetting System course, which also includes organising work permits, reading and interpreting plans, and emergency and rescue practices is the right course. The safe work and emergency practices included in the course equip attendees with the necessary qualifications to supervise HPWJ operations in the field.

Operate a drain cleaning system
The Operate a Drain Cleaning course provides drain cleaning operators with the necessary knowledge to supervise a drain cleaning operation and how to be responsible for a crew of drain cleaning workers. It covers in-depth knowledge of industrial drain cleaning operations, managing worksites, safe work practices and associated law, and emergency and rescue practices.

Knowledge in the field
SECA provides training through Asset Training (RTO 91255). By utilising trainers who are chosen for their in-depth knowledge of equipment and procedures and substantial personal experience in the field, the knowledge gained from attending these training courses is sure to have a lasting impact on work crews’ capabilities. 

Training is essential when it comes to mitigating the risks associated with work in the field, which is why accredited training courses are typically required before personnel are able to undertake such work.

Well-trained work crews are invaluable when working in the constantly evolving trenchless industry. New technologies, equipment and procedures are appearing constantly, and it pays to keep operators informed of best practices to keep up.

For more information visit SECA.

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