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Hynds decreases client’s carbon footprint in Christchurch

Hynds pipe systems Hunua

Hynds Pipe Systems had a double-win, increasing pipe capacity and reducing the carbon footprint for a client on the Hayton Rd project in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The project was aiming to use a 900 mm diameter pipe with an in-wall joint.

Hynds Pipe Systems identified that changing to a 1000 mm pipe, with a belled socket joint, would reduce the carbon footprint of the project while simultaneously increasing the pipe’s capacity.

The immediate result was a 29 per cent reduction in carbon footprint.

The reduced weight of the product (35 per cent lighter) also meant that fewer trucks were required, further increasing the benefits.

The privately owned Hynds Group of Companies is New Zealand’s premier product supplier for the management of water and water based waste in the civil and rural infrastructure markets.

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