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Denso appoints new National Development Manager

Adam Matthews has joined Denso Australia as its National Development Manager for the Viscotaq line of products.

The Viscotaq™ line is the next generation of Visco-elastic coatings. With over two decades of work experience across a range of industries, Matthews has expertise and skills forged by his time spent working as a senior graphic designer, an industrial services technician, and an offshore maintenance coatings coordinator among other roles.

Equipped with his wealth of experience, Matthews is eager to continue showcasing the effectiveness of the Viscotaq range as a solution to a large variety of corrosion prevention applications. “At Denso, I’m looking forward to using my experience to provide a service in which we can better assist the clients with the execution of works rather than just supplying the equipment,” he says. “The company has a good, diverse bunch of people who have all been here for a long time. I think a key indicator of a strong business is how long the employees have been on board.”


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