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MidCoast commences annual sewer search

CCTV inspection sewer pipe

Annual sewer investigations are kicking off in New South Wales with the MidCoast Council commencing its CCTV inspection program.

Contractors working for the Council will utilise CCTV to identify sewer defects, and clean the network at the same time.

The Council’s Director of Infrastructure and Engineering Services, Rob Scott, said that the work would not require any access to people’s homes or businesses, as contractors will access the network via maintenance holes.

“Sewer investigations help us manage risks in the sewer system and prioritise our maintenance work,” said Scott.

“We just ask people to keep their toilet lids down and their toilet doors closed as much as possible to stop backflows of air coming up through the toilet while the sewer is being cleaned.”

The work is scheduled to occur from Monday to Saturday, and is likely to be completed in mid-March.

For more information visit MidCoast Council.


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