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WATCH: Trenchless manufacturer celebrates installation of 100,000th liner

SAERTEX multiCom®’s trenchless pipe relining product, SAERTEX-LINER, has been installed for the 100,000th time.

The installation, which took place in Valladolid, Spain, was completed by local contractor STLIMA on behalf of utility AQUAVALL and was part of a major project that included 49 km of sewer rehabilitation.

The section of sewer rehabilitated in Valladolid was egg shaped and had badly deteriorated; the 98 m long liner had a diameter of 1,200 x 800 mm.

“The advantages of light-curing pipe lining are that it can be done quickly,” said STLIMA site manager Dr David Greciano.

“The rehabilitation of a dilapidated section of sewer, such as here with the 100,000th liner from SAERTEX multiCom, is usually completed within a day.

“That’s why we’re moving ahead quickly with the project – without causing any major disruptions to the daily lives of local residents.”

Since SAERTEX was founded in 1996, the family-owned company, based in Saerbeck, Germany, has produced glass fibre reinforced (GRP) pipe liners for the trenchless rehabilitation of sewers and pressure pipelines.

SAERTEX multiCom Global Managing Director Kai Diecks said the company had been influential in introducing trenchless rehabilitation to markets around the world, including in Australia and New Zealand where the company’s products are supplied by Pipe Core.

“We are particularly pleased with the successful installation of this anniversary liner,” he said.

“Because even though this SAERTEX-LINER was tailor-made for the project in Valladolid, over the past 27 years we have managed to make trenchless rehabilitation already state of the art in many countries around the world – and thus part of everyday life in many rehabilitation projects.”

Sergej Fast, Manager, Pipe Core congratulated SAERTEX multiCom on the milestone.

“Pipe Core continue to be proud to work exclusively with SAERTEX multiCom in Australia and New Zealand, bringing the company’s leading range of trenchless solutions to our local markets”.

“This significant milestone proves the longevity and adaptability of their technology and industry-leading approach to trenchless rehabilitation.”

With the continued growth and strong performance of SAERTEX-LINER locally, Pipe Core now have a representative from SAERTEX multiCom based at their headquarters in Port Melbourne. Pipe Core also coordinates SAERTEX multiCom Application Engineers visiting from Germany regularly to both Australia and New Zealand, offering onsite support, training and certification to Pipe Core’s customers and their installers.

For more information visit the Pipe Core website or call 1800 747 326.


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