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SECA provides the best solutions for pipe rehab and repair

With a focus on versatility, forward-thinking and durability, SECA has three main technologies which are pivotal in restoring the integrity of pipes and ensuring the repair and rehabilitation is cost-effective and eco-friendly. 

Quick-Lock is designed for point repair, pre-lining stabilisation works, junction capping, and as a liner end seal.

Quick-Lock: reliably versatile
For a trenchless pipe repair solution that restores the integrity of pipes and seals out groundwater, operators need look no further than the UHRIG Quick-Lock. The product’s pneumatically expanding rehabilitation sleeve provides structural repair to the inside of pipelines. Quick-Lock is designed for point repair, pre-lining stabilisation works, junction capping, and as a liner end seal. 

Its versatility and reliability enables it to be suitable for all pipe materials. Its patented locking system and static capabilities allow the sleeve to remain permanently in position and absorb the natural tectonic movements of the pipe.

Used for cracked systems, root intrusions, leaks, pressure pipes, junction capping, and joint displacements, the  product is manufactured using long-life materials that are designed to outlast almost any other repair solution. Quick-Lock has revolutionised sewer rehabilitation and is the ideal choice for long-term watertight lining projects.

The patented Quick-Lock system is based on compression and durable materials – 1.4404/316L stainless steel and EPDM, or NBR, or silicon. As a fully mechanical system that eschews the need for any chemicals, the innovative solution removes the health, safety, and environmental risks associated with chemical-based solutions. Quick-Lock has proven itself over the last 30 years in the renovation of sewer pipes.

 Not limited to these classic application and repair methods, the Quick-Lock system is also used for connecting pipe liner systems and for rehabilitating walkable sewers.

The Trelleborg range includes a number of eco-friendly technologies.

Trelleborg: forward-thinking
SECA is also a supplier of Trelleborg products. The Trelleborg range includes a number of eco-friendly technologies designed to service and maintain underground utilities while minimising potential disruption and now boasts a tested service life of 100 years.

The Trelleborg Drain Packer is suitable for the sectional repair of damaged, still-buried gravity sewer pipes and pipelines. The Drain Packer method can be applied to the following situations: 

  • Leakage with or without groundwater infiltration or ex-filtration at pipe joints, pipe walls, lateral junctions.
  • Offset pipes, cracks and debris, ruptures.
  • Mechanical wear.
  • Corrosion.

The Drain Packer repairs damage in the pipe and joint region for lengths of as little as 50 cm to 5 m and can be used even in cases of strong infiltration.

It also repairs pipes of nominal diameters from DN 50 to DN 1200 (WSA Product Appraisal 1918).

Used to repair typical circular pipes, it can also repair egg-shaped pipes across a vast range of construction material – concrete, asbestos cement, plastics (PVC, PP, HDPE), cast iron, ductile cast iron, reinforced concrete and vitrified clay.

SECA’s range of Trelleborg products also includes DrainSystems – both a pipe repair device and a method for trenchless rehabilitation of lateral connections and pipes. The inflatable system is able to repair and seal lateral interface and connections from the main pipe.

Cherne’s point repair carriers are another pivotal part of SECA’s rehab and repair solutions.

Cherne: durability in action
Cherne’s point repair carriers are another pivotal part of SECA’s rehab and repair solutions. Well-suited to most point repair systems, these carriers are available for multi-size line covers pipe sizes from 4-inch to 36-inch (100—914 mm) diameters and lengths up to 4.5 m.

Cherne’s carriers have a reputation for durability, and its flexible redesign allows for ease of transport and optimised movement. The caster wheel assembly and bypass channel has been integrated and optimised for ease of movement and enhanced ability to bypass effluent. Featuring a maximum pipe contract guides and centre line allows operators to ensure proper placement of repair medium, minimising waste and increasing productivity. 

With its ever-expanding range of cutting-edge products, SECA is continuing to supply the trenchless industry with the equipment it needs to succeed at repair and rehabilitation projects with the confidence that comes from using one of the country’s most experienced suppliers.

For more information visit SECA.

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This article appeared in the February edition of Trenchless Australasia. Access the digital copy of the magazine here.

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