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IMPREG leads the way in liner systems

IMPREG’s liners are made using specially designed and high-tech material.

IMPREG originated in the regional south of Germany, not far from Stuttgart, an area is known for global, high-quality brands.

IMPREG is no different – leading the way in trenchless pipe rehabilitation through high-tech cured-in-place pipe liner systems for UV-curing.

Clients have come to expect outstanding quality from IMPREG. After installing an IMPREG liner, pipe systems are securely protected for decades, withstanding the most demanding loads. 

IMPREG proves its innovation through its cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) solution; one of the leading technologies within the industry that is adaptable to various project scales. 

UV Technology
IMPREG not only meets and accelerates global standards, but its liners are innovative especially for dimensions between DN 1200 and DN 2000. With the GL 16 liner, IMPREG hits the nail on the head – creating a liner so versatile and effective, it’s a favourite for projects.

The liners are developed with specific impregnations which are cured using UV light. This method has a clear advantage – speed. Up to three pipes per day are capable of being installed. The pipes are functional immediately after being cured and the technology is environmentally friendly thanks to its high energy efficiency, this makes IMPREG’s CIPP liners the economical solution on any project.

Outside the installation process, clients can store IMPREG liners for up to three months at normal temperatures of 25°C, without additional cooling. 

IMPREG CIPP liners come well packed in a specially made, stable transport box made from wood. The inside of the transport box is additionally lined with a UV-resistant foil which provides a further protection against premature curing. Upon request, IMPREG can also use wood treated to IPPC standards to construct the transport boxes. The experienced team can provide support at any time with customs clearance and import into the destination country.

IMPREG CIPP liners come well packed in a specially made, stable transport box made from wood.
IMPREG CIPP liners come well packed in a specially made, stable transport box made from wood.

Quality and Longevity
With over 20 years of experience in the industry, IMPREG has been a trusted partner for a variety of projects. Core to the business is the notion that consistent quality and timely innovations are never achieved through shortcuts. 

IMPREG embodies this by building with high-quality and specifically selected raw materials through a certified production process. All liners in IMPREG’s product range have been awarded through German National Technical Approval (DIBt, Berlin), further highlighting the ingenuity of the products.

The company leaves nothing to chance when it comes to ensuring the consistently high quality and very best material parameters for its CIPP liners. Impregnated with innovative resin systems under strictly controlled and monitored conditions, the liners are held to the most current quality standards. 

IMPREG’s liners are made using specially designed and high-tech material. This material is reinforced by glass fibres making it permanently resistant to corrosion. Due to its design, the liners possess the optimum properties of high strength and durability, low intrinsic weight, and a long lifetime. 

Thinking about the future
As the world continues to look towards the future, a long-life cycle is key when it comes to the quality of a product. Therefore, it’s important that IMPREG’s liners not only last for decades to come but also limit the use of chemicals. 

Notably, when using IMPREG’s liners for a project no chemicals need to be handled on site to install the liners.  Additionally, following pipe installation chemical reactions can take place in complete isolation from the environment with no contact to groundwater or soil.

Depending on the use and task, IMPREG can individually optimise resin systems of the liners to ensure additional safety for each individual project. Exclusively DIN-standard unsaturated polyester resins are used across all products within IMPREG’s range. High performance vinyl ester resins are used for waste waters that experience heavy chemical pollution and at high temperatures works to minimise environmental impact.

As IMPREG continues to work on expanding within the Australian market, the company is looking forward to working on many more projects across the country in the years to come.

For more information visit IMPREG.

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This article appeared in the February edition of Trenchless Australasia. Access the digital copy of the magazine here.

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