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Merredin Shire Council authorises wastewater pipes refurbishment

Merredin Shire’s authorised contractor Allpipe Technologies will soon commence work to refurbish ageing wastewater pipes.

This refurbishment work executed by Allpipe Technologies is set to commence in mid-March 2023 and completed by late July 2023 and will take place across the town of Merredin.

Allpipe Technologies will be working in both verges and/or roads, and also in the boundary of private properties.

Sewer relining uses trenchless technology to clean and refurbish existing wastewater pipes.

It reduces the likelihood of blockages and extends the life of this important infrastructure by at least 30 years.

Residents and businesses may notice more activity in the area, noise from generators and vehicles and temporary odour.

Traffic management will be in place to direct vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians safely around the work area.

Night works may occasionally be required and access to property might be requested, and in both cases, the shire will notify impacted residents in advance.

Click here for more information, including aerial maps with street names.

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