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Innovative product protecting trenchless contractors from costly and dangerous asset strikes 

Conceived specifically for the trenchless and civil construction industries, The Safety Shovel simultaneously detects metal and power under the ground, preventing harmful asset strikes before they happen. 

The Safety Shovel is designed to be used as a supportive tool to protect workers from harmful events, resulting from asset strikes.  

Although best endeavours are deployed to prevent infrastructure strikes, records that are inaccurate deliver risk that cannot be minimised without advanced tooling.  

The Safety Shovel provides a functional real time detection tool to protect workers by simultaneously detecting metal objects and electrical cables (EMF) under the ground.  

With alignment to Australian excavation standards, The Safety Shovel allows workers to operate within the exclusion zone and detect materials and cables that – if damaged – would result in a major Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental OHSE event or asset strike.   

Typical assets detected include, water and gas pipes, communications cables, as well as live power cables. 

The Safety Shovel compliments the efforts of Before You Dig and alerts excavation teams of potential danger before they happen.  

To book a demo visit or call 1300 540 431.   

For more information visit The Safety Shovel website. 

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