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IMPREG continues to invest in Australian and NZ market


With increasing demand of IMPREG’s unique UV pipe solution, the German company continues to invest in the Australian and New Zealand market.

In February this year, a small team consisting of APAC General Manager, Michael Ellenrieder, new IMPREG Australia and New Zealand Country Manager, Colin Murphy, a Senior IMPREG installation technician as well as a UV equipment specialist drove from Brisbane all the way down to Melbourne to make site visits at various projects and key accounts along the way.

The four visited various sites along Australian’s East Coast to introduce Colin Murphy as the new point of contact for Australian and New Zealand-based customers as well have a Senior Technician providing some brief training on IMPREG‘s liner and its advantages.

It was shared that a technician will also join the team based in Australia in May to ensure a smooth process through projects from start to finish.

The technician from the United Kingdom has over 15 years of pipe installation experience and will be deployed to clients’ sites for technical assistance.

The tour, that was spread over a couple of weeks, had various stops along the way to show new prototypes and systems to key accounts as well as sharing insights into current developments within the industry.

Murphy outlined how productive the tour had been.

“The trip was a great success, team IMPREG got along well, and we were well received by everyone we visited, if time allowed, we would have kept going,” he says. “It’s a real pleasure to be part of such a technically advanced team.”

Another focus for IMPREG Australia this year is to streamline the distribution for Australia and New Zealand by placing stock in New South Wales and Auckland.

Murphy says by having stock closer to Sydney will improve distribution across Australia, and the Auckland stock will serve the whole of New Zealand.

IMPREG is working with industry experts to ensure a smooth transition and the least disruption for customers as possible.

IMPREG’s dedicated technicians always ensure every rehabilitation project goes smoothly.

During each project, IMPREG’s dedication to on-site project execution excellence is not limited to delivering its world-class quality liners to the installation site on time and fully protected.

IMPREG technicians actively onboard all client teams on the job site in person.

They explain all steps involved, including placing the gliding film, how the curing process and equipment work, safely inserting the liner into the maintenance hole and assessing the curing result with a CCTV robot.

Close consultation happens during every step of the process, and there is extra support available for particular pipe challenges such as big DN or dimension change situations.

Murphy says the technical knowledge and expertise offered from IMPREG is unrivalled.

“With IMPREG, clients get globally recognised product quality with local installation and technical service excellence,” he says.

For more information visit IMPREG’s website.

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