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Become a trenchless pro with No Dig Down-Under training courses 


The No-Dig Down Under training sessions will make sure attendees’ knowledge of trenchless technologies is extensive and expanded.

Featuring three training courses this year, one is focused on new installation methods, the second on horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and the third on renovation of pipes by lining.

The new installation methods course as well as the HDD one was originally developed by the North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT), which ASTT has licensed and adapted the material for Australasian audiences.

The renovation of pipes by lining course was developed by ASTT to reflect and cover the Australasian practice. This is the first course with such coverage.

The new installation methods course will cover trenchless methods used for grade and alignment control and guidance, as well as the limitations and advantages of each method discussed.

It will also address the steps operators need to follow “to know the underground”, and how to establish the invert for a proper launch.

The course will also cover the history, sizes, equipment options and process of excavating through different ground types, pipe materials, as well as ways to track where the pipe is located underground.

Installation and jacking forces and ways to reduce these forces are also a key element of this training session, so is the best method to use through actual case studies.

The new installation methods course aims to address trenchless methods commonly used to install new pipe and casing, which are auger boring, pipe ramming, pipe jacking and the pilot tube method.

Examples and case studies will be presented to assist attendees in determining which method is preferable to use under various project conditions and requirements.

The HDD training session will present a unique opportunity for attendees to learn the key elements of a successful HDD project from planning to job completion. There will also be an opportunity to hear from a number of HDD specialists in the field..

It will provide an in-depth overview of HDD and covers six topics, including: operation and application, equipment and materials, planning, surface and geological investigations, utility surveys, bore planning, and regulations and permitting. It will also cover jobsite safety, risk reduction, trouble shooting and mitigation and design.

The third course, renovation of pipes by lining, provides an introduction and overview of commonly used trenchless pipe lining techniques used in Australasia for the structural renewal of gravity drainage and similar pipe assets.

The course opens with a simple definition of typical host pipes and their modes of deterioration, and then moves into a description of the common trenchless technologies available and applicable in Australasia, including lateral lining, with guidance for how they work, pros and cons of the technique, working ranges and limitations.

Design, quality assurance and material testing modules ensure the course covers all the key elements needed to be understood.

This course will enable attendees to gain an understanding of the extensive benefits of a trenchless approach for existing non pressure pipe asset renewal.

To introduce the common Australasia trenchless techniques for gravity pipeline renewal including cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), fold and form, spiral wound, and lateral lining.

Examples and case studies will be used to demonstrate the applicability and range of scenario’s appropriate for pipe lining.

Registration for these one-day training courses is available from $515 for ASTT Members and $615 for non-members.

Members can also earn CPD points for the course attendance and completion.

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