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Safety Shovel – a versatile tool for productivity-hungry pros 

The Safety Shovel, a revolutionary smart tool conceived specifically for the trenchless and civil construction industries, has successfully completed its grand entrance in the trenchless market.

It’s no surprise that this state-of-the-art tool is becoming a need among trenchless professionals.

Check out Chris Beretta of D.A Beretta Plumbing using the Safety Shovel here.

“The shovel has proven to be a fantastic tool to assist users on site to locate buried assets such as water taps and values as well as telecommunication and electrical pits that the grass or weeds have grown over or gardens have been placed over,” said BRP Corporation chief executive officer Peter Smith.

Smith also emphasised on the fact the Safety Shovel “sometimes saves hours on site”.

The Safety Shovel, originally created for safety, is actually proving itself not only as a lifesaving, safety detection tool, but it’s also assisting companies to increase productivity due to its ability to quickly find buried pit lids and tap heads among others.

The success of the product led BRP Corporation to perform demonstrations of the Safety Shovels in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Auckland, where it gained momentum and interest from the audience.

Stock is currently available for immediate delivery. The Safety Shovel can be purchased through in Australia and in New Zealand.

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