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M. Tucker UV lining team get the job done

Civil and trenchless specialists M Tucker & Sons showcases its expertise through a UV lining project.

M Tucker and Sons business development manager Callan Hill praised the team on Linked In for getting the project done.

Following a recent site visit and crew lunch, Hill said, “It was great to take a quip trip up to the Mansfield site to see the crew up there.

“The crew’s productivity has been outstanding delivering over 900 l/m metres of DN375 UV Liner in the scheduled two week works period.”

The company, which specialises in civil construction and trenchless maintenance and rehabilitation assets, is also known for its non-destructive digging capabilities with in house slurry reclamation and circular re-use solutions.

This has the team working for local businesses as well as waterboards and construction industries across Australia.

M Tucker & Sons expertise with UV pipe and manhole Relining reduces the cost, time and carbon footprint of drainage rehabilitation projects, removing any need for excavation and reinstatement.

The company has a reputation for reliability through its technological, safety and environmental priorities.

In February 2023, the company started manufacturing recycled concrete blocks using waste from no-dig operations and civil construction projects.

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