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Closing the recycling loop


It was 2015 when Angar Environmental Services saw a gap in the non-destructive digging industry to recycle and repurpose current clean slurry waste that was going into landfill.

Angar Environmental is a recycling company that is playing a significant role in keeping construction waste out of landfills by repurposing it back into the industry,” Operations Manager Pat Gough explains.

“With our facility in Keilor East operating at full capacity, Angar Environmental produces 35,000 cubic metres per annum of recycled materials, with 60 per cent of it being returned to the industry for dedicated reuse.”

“We specialise in recycling non-destructive digging (NDD)/drilling slurries and sludges, and runs a roll on/roll off waste management system across a broad range of projects throughout Victoria.”

Angar Environmental has plans to grow its clean-fill recycling plant to facilitate a much larger range of materials in the future.

What sets Angar Environmental apart from its competitors is its commitment to building a cleaner future for the environment. The clean-fill recycling plant processes large ballast used for access roads and free stand areas, quarter minus and 10 to 25 mm aggregates used in the plumbing and drainage industries. Fine soils and clay are used for capping and blending and as bedding under porous soils to retain moisture and give commercial productivity to farming acreage. The remaining water is put through a two-stage filtering and recycling system and used for plant processing, vehicle, and free-stand wash down, eliminating the operation’s need for domestic water. The converted end products are 100 per cent recyclable.


Angar’s depots located in Altona, Keilor East, Dandenong, and Epping are strategically placed to service a large range of projects, providing an excellent disposal location for current and upcoming projects planned for Melbourne. The company has slurry bins scattered around the state with horizontal directional (HDD) drillers, providing services to several projects across Victoria, including the Westgate Tunnel Project, Shepparton Rail line upgrade, Gippsland line upgrade, and several level crossing removals.

“Our company’s growth has been impressive, from three employees on start-up to now employing 26 people and processing up to 150 tonnes of NDD waste per shift,” Director Andrew McIntosh says.

The transfer of mud slurry from a hydro excavation unit to the Angar mud bins onsite, allows for the hydro excavation units and operators to remain on site.

“Angar Environmental has plans to grow its clean-fill recycling plant to facilitate a much larger range of materials in the future. The company also sees the merit and opportunity to work with similar recycling groups within the industry to optimise the reuse of materials.”

“Our success is built on serviceability and customer relations. We are committed to being flexible with our clients’ needs and requirements, and our slurry bins and hook trucks on site have proven to increase client’s productivity, reducing the CoR risks and obligations,” Gough says.

“Our overall mission is to help play a part in eliminating construction waste by repurposing the materials back into the industry, as Angar Environmental is focused on building a cleaner future for the environment.”

Angar Environmental’s innovative full recycling process of clean mud slurry waste is a significant step forward for the construction industry. “Our commitment is to build a cleaner future for the environment by repurposing materials back into the industry,” McIntosh says.

“As we continue to expand our operations and collaborate with other recycling groups, we continue towards a greener and more sustainable future for all of us,” Gough says.

For more information, visit Angar.

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