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Exciting new addition at Bournedrill 

Bournedrill, newly acquired by OptionX Group, has just shared on its socials a new addition to its extensive range of state-of-the-art machinery.

“Boring? Not us! (Even though we specialise in boring, drilling and tunnelling),” shared the Bournedrill team.

“At Bournedrill, we’re proud to be stepping into the future with our new CNC milling centre.

“With a fresh outlook and state-of-the-art equipment, we’re ready to take on whatever challenges come our way.”

The company shared an insightful video of the machine’s prowess; watch it here.

In 2022, Bournedrill joined the OptionX Group to leverage the combined industry experience and capabilities of other leading businesses in the drilling and tunnelling industry.

Now that Bournedrill has joined OptionX Group, the promised investment into equipment is going ahead with this CNC milling centre among others.

The CNC milling centre acquired by Bournedrill.

“With regards the new machine we have purchased, we have purchased another CNC milling centre, BT50 spindle, 1200 x 750 table,” said Tom Chart, who oversees Bournedrill’s manufacturing as the head of manufacturing at OptionX Group.

“It is another machine to add to our machine shop capabilities.

“This machine will help on our tight tolerance production type work.”

While the acquisition by OptionX Group allows Bournedrill to become one of the leaders in manufacturing technology, and maintain its commitment to high-quality products and services, the equipment allows the company to increase efficiency.

As a result, they have been able to take on more jobs and a wider variety of work in the drilling, tunnelling and boring machinery space.

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