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kwik-ZIP: The go-to solution when it comes to trenchless projects


In the trenchless industry, kwik-ZIP’s large range of spacers has come to facilitate a variety of carrier and casing pipe size combinations, providing flexibility to deal with project alterations.

On a recent Water Main Project in Victoria, McConnell Dowell utilised the kwik-ZIP HDXT-58W spacers to enable the slip-lining of a 560mm HDPE carrier pipe over a 260m run.

“kwik-ZIP spacers were simple and quick to install, and any queries were promptly answered by the sales team,” Paul Pomfret, McConnell Dowell Senior Project Engineer tells Trenchless Australasia.

For this project,  kwik-ZIP HDXT-58W spacers were specified at 1.5 m intervals for this project as per Melbourne Water Retailer Agencies (MRWA) standards.

Kwik-ZIP HDXT-58W spacers were specified at 1.5m intervals, as MRWA standards.

As the pipes would not be fully grouted after installation the spacers were required to support the pipe and water for the life of the installation (pipe weight – 83kg/m (empty) / 246kg/m (full)).

The HDXT’s unique load sharing design maximises the load bearing capacity of each runner and reduces point loading. The simple and efficient installation process does not require any special tools.

kwik-ZIP spacers have no metal parts and are made from kwik-ZIP’s engineered thermoplastic blend which is flexible, tough and has a low co-efficient of friction.

kwik-ZIP General Manager Paul Jeffreys says the HDXT-58W spacers can also accommodate the kwik-ROLLER® wheels, although they were not utilised on this particular installation.

McConnell Dowell used Kwik-ZIP HDXT-58W spacers to facilitate the slip-lining of a 560mm HDPE carrier pipe over a 260m run.

“kwik-ZIP HDXT-58W spacers are a unique product in the trenchless industry as they can be utilised as standard spacers with their low co-efficient of friction wear pads or they can also accommodate kwik-ROLLER wheels,” he says.

“These clip-on wheels are ideal for use in longer runs to minimise wear and to provide significantly reduced co-efficient of friction.”

The kwik-ROLLER wheels can be installed on each runner or on every alternate runner.

For further information on kwik-ZIP please contact the Kwik-ZIP team at  or visit www.

This article featured in the June edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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