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Smart Lock – A key factor in BlueLine Drains’ project

smart lock

Smart Lock technology has become a vital part of BlueLine Drains’ recent New Zealand project. From complex navigation challenges to accessing boundaries, a Smart Lock product was the answer to all.

A local Wellington–based civil company, who has been one of BlueLine Drains’ clients for several years, installed a stormwater and wastewater system at a sub-development site in Plimmerton, Wellington, New Zealand.

BlueLine Drains General Manager Daniel Gregory says the project wouldn’t have been completed without Smart Lock’s DN150 Smart Lock sleeve and patch.

smart lock
 Wetting out and preparation for the installation of a Smart Lock DN150 mm and Smart Patch.

“Smart Lock is a key player in the trenchless industry,” he says. “Smart Lock is a structural and permanent fix, with a straightforward installation – a reliable product with competitive pricing to similar products.”

Gregory says the main reason the company used Smart Lock over its alternatives is due to it being a structural repair and the support available.

With easy and efficient service, its dedication to its clients is what BlueLine Drains appreciated.

“Ordering products and getting product information is always easy, and whenever we had issues onsite, Smart Lock always answered the phone straight away and sorted us out,” Gregory says.

“Knowing this support is just a phone call away is crucial to us when we are onsite trying to install.”

Gregory says the project was a challenging one.  The civil company could find documentation for the cutting of the two laterals at the boundary, but couldn’t find a record of these being disconnected (capped) at the main as per its consent conditions.

This resulted in a “major dilemma” for the civil company. Unable to access the end of the laterals at the boundary as a new retaining wall, driveway and building had been built over the top of them.

The laterals where they enter the main also couldn’t be accessed as one was located underneath a neighbouring driveway, which was close to a large Pohutukawa tree. The other was underneath a neighbouring newly installed rear deck.

Successful installation of the DN150 Smart Lock sleeve and patch.

To resolve this challenge, there were two solutions in Gregory’s eyes, both of which would be suitable to solve its client’s problem. Both solutions involved Smart Lock’s valuable technology.

As Wellington Water needed to approve both repair methods, they requested more information. Blueline Drains forwarded its proposed solution, the installation of two Smart Locks with the option to revert to Smart Lock fiberglass patches if access is an issue and attached technical brochures for each option.

“Within 15 minutes the engineer responded advising he was happy with either system and granted formal approval to proceed,” he says.

Gregory says the rest was history with the successful installation of a Smart Lock DN150 mm and Smart Patch.

“Smart Lock allowed us to seal off the laterals permanently,” says Gregory.

“It was completed with ease when the alternative would have been a large and costly undertaking for the client and a major interference for the residents due to having to dig up and replace new concrete padding and decking.

“We were able to complete this with minor interference to the residents, so it was a win-win all round,” he says.

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This article featured in the June edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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