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Trevor Gosatti shares trenchless highlights

Aussie Trenchless

In his Secretary’s Corner, Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology (ASTT) Secretary Trevor Gosatti shares his insights on the industry.

On behalf of the ASTT, I extend a warm welcome to the following new members:

Silver Corporate Members Australia

• Membership upgraded from Individual to Corporate by Alex Tao from Ausinland Pty Ltd

• Andrew Bilton from SLB-M-I SWACO

David Dunstan from Dunstans

• James Pickup from Australian Pipeline Management Pty Ltd

• GCE Contractors Pty Ltd

Individual Members – Australia

• Samuel Pearce from SRG Global

• Nick Lewis from NAL Project Management Services Pty Ltd

Jeff Pace

My first action as the new ASTT Secretary is to recognise and acknowledge the tremendous efforts of the outgoing Secretary, Jeff Pace.

Jeff was the inaugural ASTT Secretary when the society commenced in 1991 and has performed the role of Secretary and Treasurer since that time being 32 years. He has overseen the progression of the society from its small beginnings to be an efficient, financially stable and leading representative. Jeff has overseen the society:

• Publish 78 Trenchless Australasia magazines in partnership with Prime Creative Media (and Pipeline Publications Australia).

• Host 14 Australasian exhibition & conferences (No-Dig Down Under).

• Host three international exhibition & conferences (in collaboration with the International Society of Trenchless Technology)

• Grow membership to over 300 members.

• Grow the society finances to be in a safe and prudent position ready to assist the industry.

• Complete prudent governance and strategic planning arrangements for the society.

• Be regarded as one of the most stable and efficient trenchless societies in the world.

Jeff also significantly represented the ASTT in its membership with the International Society of Trenchless Technology (ISTT) serving as the Society’s ISTT contact for many years and serving as an ISTT executive sub-committee (board) member for six years. He also assisted on several ISTT sub-committees over the years.

At the recent Annual General Meeting of the Society, the ASTT Council nominated and approved Jeff Pace to become a Life Member of the ASTT in recognition of his service. Jeff becomes the society’s second Life Member, joining his friend, the late Menno Henneveld as Life Members of the ASTT.

It is planned to recognise and present his Life Membership Award at the Brisbane No-Dig Down Under in September.

Having worked closely with Jeff over many years in my previous roles as WA Councillor and Chairman of the ASTT, I am very aware of the dedication and commitment Jeff applied to the role of Secretary and Treasurer of the ASTT. I hope to emulate that as I step into the position.

Jeff should be proud of the position he leaves the ASTT in upon his “retirement”, and we wish him well in future endeavours.

I look forward to serving the Council and great members of the society as the ASTT Secretary. I hope to make contact with many of you at the No-Dig Down Under later in Brisbane.

No-Dig Down Under 2023 Brisbane

Planning for the  No-Dig Down Under 2023 to be held in Brisbane from the 12 to 15 September 2023 is progressing well.

The exhibition space is sold out and sponsorships for the events are nearly all taken with the event still several months away. This shows the strong support the trenchless technology industry has in attending these events and the benefits that can be provided to all industry stakeholders. If you have interest in supporting the event please contact Nick Lovering (nick.lovering@primecreative.com.au) or visit nodigdownunder.com.

The Organising Committee is now considering and finalising the conference papers and program to ensure another tremendous exhibition & conference is delivered to the industry, with great social events and networking. Make sure that you are part of it!

ASTT Strategic Plan

Post the recent ASTT Annual General Meeting, the ASTT Council devoted time to review and update the ASTT Strategic Plan. While many actions within the Strategic Plan have been completed, there are still many intended plans and actions to be considered and put in place to be completed. With the pandemic conditions a thing of the past, the Council can look ahead to action items with less restrictions and impediments. The Council is committed to complete and action the Strategic Plan for the benefit of the ASTT members and industry.

State of the Industry Report

The ASTT has commissioned a State of the Industry Report to be produced providing up to date information on the trenchless industry. The ASTT Council is anticipating this report to be available soon for consideration and then be able to be provided to members for their information and use in their businesses.

The ASTT has previously produced State of the Industry reports for the benefit of members and is one of the many benefits of membership of the ASTT.

This article featured in the June edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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