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How sustainability is leading the way for KAISER


One of the leading vehicle manufacturers, KAISER is making waves in Australia through its sewer cleaning vehicles and sustainability initiatives.

While the company is synonymous with innovative technological solutions such as its high-pressure jetting pumps, vacuum pumps, and recycling systems, it’s also focusing on a core aspect of the trenchless industry – sustainability.

For example, vehicles equipped with KAISER’s water recycling system saves over 24,000,000 litres, on average, of drinking water per year.

Most recently, the company has announced its going into serial production of one of the world’s first fully electric sewer cleaning vehicles with water recycling – the AquaStar Electric Vehicle (EV).

The EV version of the successful AquaStar has a battery capacity of up to 508 kilowatt hours (kWh) enabling the vehicle to operate for up to eight hours without having to recharge.

Vehicles equipped with KAISER’s water recycling system save 24,000,000 liters, on average, of drinking water per year and vehicle.

Customers who use the EV version of the vehicle still benefit from the conventional high pump performance, with the added value of reducing consumption and emissions values.

On average, the KAISER AquaStar EV saves 21,000 litres of diesel per year, and depending on the energy mix, it can reduce carbon emissions by up to 80 per cent over the entire lifecycle of the vehicle.

This makes the new electric sewer cleaner a key prospect for customers looking to prepare their operations for the future, by reducing carbon emissions.

Charging ahead in Australia

Based in Liechtenstein, KAISER is a family-owned business first founded from humble beginnings in 1913.

Since then, the company has evolved to become an international industrial leader with locations in Liechtenstein, Austria, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, France, Italy, USA and Australia.

Across these sites, the company’s vehicles for sewer cleaning, pumps and components, and mobile walking excavators, are deployed in 116 countries and over 1000 cities.

It’s through this success that KAISER has gained more traction within Australia, as more customers utilise its products.

KAISER Chief Executive Officer Markus Kaiser.

In addition to its own sales organisation, the company has also expanded its service capacities in Australia – through its own structures and partnerships.

KAISER Chief Executive Officer and Owner Markus Kaiser says the Australian market is high priority.

“We are happy that our products are meeting with such great demand here as well as in the other international markets, and that they are making sewer cleaning in Australia more efficient,” he says.

In September, KAISER will attend and present its equipment at No-Dig Down Under.

The company will present the KAISER AquaStar, a versatile vacuum and high-pressure jetting truck capable of performing in sewer, stormwater, hydraulic, excavation, dry suction and industrial loading industries.

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