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TRACTO delivers GRUNDODRILL 18ACS to HDD Drilling


One of the main purposes for the purchase was for TRACTO to assist the Victoria-based team at HDD Drilling on ongoing and new projects where they are required to install larger diameter pipes in hard rock formations around the state.

Known as the ‘King of Rock’, the GRUNDODRILL 18ACS has a stepless adjustment of torque and speed for maximum rotational power and maximum productivity and any speed.

The machine’s fully automatic operation ensures minimal downtime, maximum productivity and relief for the machine operator, while the rotation of drill rods within the rod box is possible during normal operation, resulting in consistent use and consistent wear of the rods.

The 18ACS can also optionally be converted for cable-guided bores when drilling in challenging terrain and at great depths.

This is a perfect addition for the HDD Drilling team, as the company specialises in directional drilling in all type of ground conditions.

HDD Drilling shares the same commitment as TRACTO to a quality product and service along with a strong focus on safety and environmental care, which has seen the civil contractor company expand over the past 16 years.

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