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Adept delivers on Geelong infrastructure project

Adept Civil

Adept Civil Group has successfully delivered on a sewer reticulation extension project at the Charlemont Rise estate.

Located on Horseshoe Bend Road in Geelong, Charlemont Rise is a community estate with shopping, educational and community amenities, set among over 1400 residential lots.

As it is a main arterial connection in the Armstrong Creek urban growth area, it is currently being upgraded including the final sewer connection of Precinct Road.

The completion of the Precinct Road upgrade allows the commencement of the Charlemont neighbourhood activity centre and community centre, which will include a new supermarket, retail, commercial and entertainment facilities.

Of the 20,000 square metres of work includes a sewer reticulation, which required a connection into an existing manhole inside a live roundabout, to build the primary sewer connection for the new neighbourhood activity centre.

As trenchless technology involves minimal surface disruption, it plays an important role in estate developments, with many companies within the industry providing their expertise across these projects, including Adept Civil.

The company was engaged by Draper’s Civil Contracting to complete works on the Charlemont Rise Sewer Reticulation Extension project.

Trenchless works can get the job done without disrupting everyday life, benefiting the surrounding community.
Trenchless works can get the job done without disrupting everyday life, benefiting the surrounding community.

Adept Civil Business Development Manager Quentin Powell said the project was completed in July 2023 and was 4m deep with clay conditions.

“The sewer had to be upgraded and there was a 50-metre section that needed to be laser bored to the existing manhole, inside a live roundabout,” Powell said.

“It was a 225-diameter pipe, so we used a 345mm clay cutting head which was required for the clay conditions in the area.

“Upstream and downstream constraints meant that the bore needed to be at a grade of 1:300. This will be the primary sewer connection for the NAC site.

“We drilled to the manhole, retracted and then included the pipe.”

Adept Civil also partnered with Pezzimenti Trenchless to complete a portion of the trenchless works.

Powell said the company’s reputation of strong collaboration, while staying committed to safety was crucial completing the job.

“At Adept, we’re always willing to collaborate with our clients to ensure projects are completed safely and efficiently,” Powell said.

“Our willingness to work closely with Draper’s Civil Contracting and Pezzimenti Trenchless meant we were right for the job.”

An important part of any infrastructure project is managing the impacted community and traffic areas.

Especially when it comes to the laying of sewer lines, open excavation would require closures of roads and rerouting of traffic.

Trenchless works can get the job done without disrupting everyday life, greatly benefiting the surrounding community.

“Because it was in the middle of an existing roundabout, in an existing estate, the impact was there for the traffic and residents,” Powell said. “The advantage of it was drilling, so there was no traffic management needed.

“We could just drill straight to the manhole, retract the boring rods and then insert the pipe there which is a big help for the local residents.”

Adept Civil has earned its reputation as a leading civil engineering contractor by delivering quality projects on time and within budget.

Through its speciality in water and sewerage drainage pipelines, pump stations and associated services, the company has grown to a thriving team of engineers, project managers, supervisors, machine operators, pipe specialists and labourers.

The company also has a strong focus on environmental management through its philosophies of education, communication, continual improvement, and company involvement.

It’s through these philosophies that Adept aims to minimise pollution created during any works and continuously monitors its impacts on the environment.

To learn more, visit Adept Civil Group.

This article featured in the August edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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