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Rob Carr delivers on water infrastructure project

WA Earth Awards

The Belmont Park Optus Stadium DN500 Water Link has been nominated for the 2023 WA Earth Awards.

Delivered by Rob Carr for Water Corporation, Rob Carr constructed a new water distribution main connecting to an existing DN500 water main located in the northern precinct of the Optus Stadium site.

The company also microtunnelled under the PTA rail corridor and Graham Farmer Freeway to connect to a proposed DN400 water main located in the Belmont Park site.

The proposed pipe alignment extended across an area that was used as a landfill and a concrete batching site. Both controlled and uncontrolled fill was encountered across the site.

It was also known to contain cinders and fly ash from the decommissioned East Perth Power station, which required controls to manage the safety and environmental outputs.

Rob Carr praised its team and the success of the project in a LinkedIn post.

“Rob Carr are proud to have delivered yet another high-quality project for the Water Corporation,” the company said.

“This project forms part of a long line of successful project delivery over a 25-year period for a very valued client. Good luck to both project teams on October 6th!”

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