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RELINE showcased at No-Dig Down Under 2023

Reline Europe

Trenchless pipeline rehabilitation leader RelineEurope GmBH unveiled its brand-new identity and several innovations at the conference in Brisbane.

The event, which has established itself as one of the industry’s key gatherings in Australia, provides an ideal platform to showcase the latest developments and solutions in trenchless technologies.

RELINE overseas director Reiner Werner expressed enthusiasm about the event.

“We are thrilled to present our latest innovations and new brand identity in September in Australia,” Werner said.

“Our solutions are designed to effectively saving resources, minimize costs and time, while ensuring the highest levels of quality, flexibility, and sustainability.”

RELINE showcased several innovations in GRP and UV technologies, including the highlight of its exhibit, the GRP liner ALPHALINER XE.

This efficient and cost-effective solution is ideal for trenchless rehabilitation of pipelines with dimension changes, offering utmost flexibility and quality.

Additionally, the GRP liner ALPHALINER MH (ManHole) takes centre stage, providing a fast, affordable, and straightforward solution for maintenance hole rehabilitation.

Completing the product portfolio is the in-house developed UV curing technology, precisely tailored to the GRP liners.

RELINE sets high standards in the industry with its UV curing system REE2000 and one of the most powerful UV curing technologies on the market, the REE4000.

The versatile REE2000, featuring various light sources and cable lengths, delivers an impressive output of up to 2000 watts per emitter.

Reline Europe
RELINE overseas director Reiner Werner.

Recommended for diameters ranging from DN 150 to DN 1200, it offers a flexible and effective solution.

The REE4000, with a maximum emitter power of up to 6 x 4000 watts and electronic assistance and documentation systems, revolutionises UV curing technology.

Its applications range from DN 150 to an impressive DN 2000. Particularly for larger diameters and wall thicknesses, the innovative UV emitter technology provides a unique advantage.

Both products promise the highest level of safety and an autonomous curing process, securing their prominent position in the market.

“Our active participation in this trade show, with the exciting motto ‘Better outcomes through trenchless’ on the other side of the world, reinforces our commitment to developing innovative and ecological solutions for trenchless pipeline rehabilitation,” RELINE marketing director Carla Schmidt said.

“Our innovative products represent the expertise and vision of our company, making for an intelligent combination that is truly unique in the industry.”

The Australian trade show No-Dig Down Under is a significant platform for companies to showcase their latest developments and solutions in trenchless technologies.

With an exhibition space of over 4000 square meters, the event attracts thousands of industry professionals and provides ample opportunities for networking, product presentations, and knowledge transfer.

With its dedication to innovation, quality, and sustainability, RELINE is a trusted partner for customers and partners worldwide.

Participation in No-Dig Down Under marks another milestone in the success story of this internationally renowned company.

This article featured in the August edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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