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The right tools for slurry control

GN Solids

GN Solids Control recently provided a full mud cleaning equipment package for a New Zealand client to treat slurry generated onsite.

As rapid development of urban environments continue, so does the need for innovative waste management solutions.

Hydrovac excavation is a popular solution in civil engineering, as it is used to break up dirt and material before being vacuumed up into a truck through a hose. It is then brought offsite for proper disposal.

Slurry, however, is a by-product of this process. Made up of water and solids, it can be difficult for operators to dispose slurry in landfill due to its weight and composition.

An operator in New Zealand was experiencing this challenge and needed a purpose-built solution to treat slurry in a safe and efficient way.

Enter GN Solids Control.

The leading solids control equipment manufacturer provided a full equipment package with multiple components.

Here’s how each component works.

GN Hi-Cap Feeding Box

This is where slurry is discharged first. With this product, three hydrovac trucks can discharge their content at the same time, while protecting the shaker panels.

GN Solids
Made up of water and solids, slurry can be difficult for operators to dispose of due to its weight and composition.

GN Coarse Shaker

The Coarse Shaker is equipped with long screen panels to allow the slurry enough time to stay above. Particles such as gravel, pebbles or aggregates are removed, then transferred by a conveyor belt.

GN Double Deck Shaker

The Double Deck Shaker is designed for primary solids control in a stackable and conveyable form.

This solution has two decks which are fixed with coarse screens on the top deck and fine screens on the bottom deck.

GN Cyclone

After the particles are fed through the shaker, the GN Cyclone treats the subsequent liquid. Fed through a centrifugal pump, the desilter removes solids above 2-5 microns with finer screens used to remove finer particles.

GN 22-inch Bowl Decanter Centrifuge

Acting as the key treating equipment, the decanter centrifuge removes the finest particles above 2-5 microns under a high rotating speed.

Solids are forced to the outer inside ring of the bowl and pushed out from the solids discharge port where tungsten carbide inserts are used for protection against long-term wearing.

GN Solids
The system saves operators time, money and the necessity for storage of excess equipment.

GN Chemical Dosing Unit

As mechanical separation is challenging in removing all fine particles, a chemical dosing unit is used, along with the decanter, to automatically provide polymers.

Each of these components are designed in a compact modular structure, making it easy and fast to connect and relocate.

GN Solids Control’s whole slurry treating solution eliminates the need for excavators to reload the slurry from mud pit to the treating system.

Along with a user-friendly design, the system saves operators time, money, and the necessity for storage of excess equipment.

This article featured in the August edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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