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Combining intelligence and technology for next level trucks


Designed for delivering peak performance and productivity, Vacvator’s TMC60-245BPJ truck is the efficient unit for all jetting and vacuum excavation tasks.

As a leading Australian truck manufacturer Vacvator is taking charge on multifunctional trucks, with its 6000-litre TMC60-245BPJ vac truck.

The model has a mix of capabilities from the company’s Non-Destructive Digging (NDD), Duo Jet and Duo Dry units, making it the ultimate multifunctional truck.

But why should customers choose the TMC60-245BPJ?

Vacvator General Manager Con Alvanos spoke to Trenchless Australasia and said the multifunctional truck provides operators with a choice of actions for their excavation tasks.

“Operators can confidently hydro excavate, jet pipes or dry excavate utilising high-pressure air and Vacvator’s proven filter cleaning technology,” Alvanos said.

“The truck is capable of traditional NDD using high-pressure water or an easy, fast, cost-saving alternative utilising high-pressure air to dislodge substrate to be collected into the tank as dry material.”

The truck also offers high-pressure water jetting for drain cleaning up to 1.5m diameter pipes with 250Lpm of water.

To support this the TMC60-245BPJ, boasts an extraordinary 6000L spoil tank capacity and an additional 5000L water tank capacity, resulting in a total 11,000L of storage for the unit.

It is also fitted with a reverse camera, load scales, overload protection, remote-controlled boom, and one-touch blower operation to enhance operator safety.

Perhaps most importantly, the model also combines intelligent Controller Area Network (CAN) bus technology, which is designed to maximise productivity and profitability.

“The first thing the operator experiences is a seamless start-up procedure which not only simplifies the process for the operator, but also protects the drive components due to the ‘check process’ the unit runs through,” Alvanos said.

“This process ensures all components are aligned to engage and all safety systems are working.”

The system can also be programmed to engage with numerous functions on the unit.

“The scales are linked to the CAN Bus system on the truck, they are a standard safety function Vacvator has built in and will stop vacuum pump once the truck is at its legal road weight limit,” Alvanos said.

“This protects the operator from being fined for overweight, protects the truck owner from potential liability and more importantly limits any chance of road accidents from being overloaded and in doing so protects other road users.”

Other functions also include limiting water pressure to the required safe operating pressures set by utility owners.

“The system can log engine and blower hours, temperatures, pressures,” Alvanos said.

“It can also be used by the operator to diagnose, and trouble shoot issues on the truck such as the malfunction of the radio control unit, sensors, wiring and other built-in components.”

Rest assured, the TMC60-245BPJ is fully cleared for mine site operation, meeting all tier one compliance standards as standard.

The truck has a mix of capabilities from Vacvator’s NDD, Duo-Jet and Duo-Dry units.

Primed for efficiency

While the multifunctionality of TMC60-245BPJ is attractive for users, its efficiency will ensure the job gets done.

“The units are designed to perform,” Alvanos said. “Part of that is a fast prestart, the centralised grease points at the rear of the truck service the whole unit to have it ready for the day.”

Alvanos said it is also one of the quietest units on the market.

Mounted on an 8X4 twin steer Isuzu, Vacvator uses the truck engine as its primary source meaning that it does not need to run at high RPM to run the blower unit.

He said that by coupling the vacuum blower selection and the blower muffler design means that all trucks operate below 82 A-weighted decibels (dBA).

Another substantial selling point is Vacvator’s design around airflow.

“The combination of filter design, cyclones and the smart interaction between the major components, means that the blower capacity is utilised to its maximum,” Alvanos said.

“The resultant effect is a very efficient use of power allowing the truck to perform at a high level, the design also means that blockages in most cases, never happen.”

For operators, this means less time spent unblocking obstructions and more effective operation. Fleet owners enjoy the benefit of a quicker turnaround time on-site, giving them an advantage over competitors. This sets them apart in the industry, ensuring enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Alvanos said this has been a major selling point for Vacvator over the years, coupled with other built-in benefits.

These qualities are built off the back of its confidence in support for customers.

For example, the company has warranted all Vacvator manufactured parts for three years.

“Vacvator strives for continuous improvement by listening to feedback from our customers and researching the most up-to-date equipment to ensure we design the best vacuum trucks we can,” Alvanos said.

“The result is easy-to-use, quiet, safe, highly efficient, and technologically advanced vacuum truck.

“Vacvator has vac trucks in operation after 14 years of use, which is a testament to their long-term reliability and durability.”

Exciting new release

With its expertise, Vacvator is also set to release the TMC90-500BPJ, which is the “big brother” of the TMC60-245BPJ.

This model is a high performance, multipurpose unit designed to tackle any job head on.

Mounted on a 10X4 twin steer Volvo with a steerable liftable rear axle, this truck is powered by the advanced 540 HP engine.

This exceptional combination from Vacvator and Volvo sets new standards in the world of vacuum excavation, delivering unmatched performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Empowering operators with the pinnacle of control and versatility through the TMC90-500BPJ.

This equipment is designed to optimise performance and meet the demands of the industry, setting new benchmarks for excellence.

It includes a 5000 cubic feet per minute (cfm) blower coupled with a 340 Lpm jetter to handle the largest of culverts.

Other features include a 225 cfm air lance as an option to excavate with air, twin water lances and a 5000L water tank.

The model also has the largest tank in Vacvator’s current line up – a 9000L spoil tank.

This article featured in the August edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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