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A partnership through the ages

Vermeer WA & NT

ADCO Electrics and Vermeer Equipment of WA & NT are two companies that strive for the best. It is no surprise they have been joining forces for so long.

ADCO general manager Raymond Moore said the relationship between ADCO Electrics and Vermeer Equipment of WA & NT can be characterised as a longstanding and mutually beneficial partnership.

“Over the years, both companies have developed a strong rapport and have consistently worked together on various projects,” he said.

ADCO Electrics initially chose Vermeer Equipment of WA & NT as a supplier due to the company’s reputation for delivering high-quality and reliable drilling equipment.

“Vermeer’s track record of innovation, superior technology, and exceptional customer support were key factors in ADCO Electrics’ decision-making process,” Moore said.

ADCO Electrics was founded in 2003 in a garden shed and home office in Beckenham, Western Australia by Adam Di Placido, initially to provide electrical services to the residential sector.

Since then, the company has grown exponentially.

“ADCO Electrics has developed a strong company culture and reputation for providing excellent and quality services in an efficient manner while maintaining a safe and compliant working environment,” Moore said.

“ADCO has remained loyal to Vermeer Equipment of WA & NT because of the company’s consistent ability to meet and exceed expectations.”

Moore said Vermeer Equipment of WA & NT has consistently provided ADCO Electrics with top-of-the-line drilling equipment that has proven to be reliable, efficient, and effective in various project scenarios.

Vermeer WA & NT
Paul Bowen from ADCO working on the 10×15.

Vermeer Equipment of WA & NT has supplied ADCO Electrics with a range of drills that cater to different project requirements.

“We currently use our two 10×15’s, 20×22 and 23×30 across multiple locations every day,” Moore said.

“From our perspective, Vermeer’s drills are considered the best tools in the industry due to their exceptional performance, precision, and reliability.

“They are designed with innovative technologies that enhance efficiency, minimise downtime, and ensure accurate results. Vermeer’s commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction sets them apart as a leading provider of drilling equipment.”

The ADCO Electrics team has used Vermeer drills on several notable projects, including the Metronet, NBN upgrade, Western Power mains and the Telstra network.

Moore said these drills have played a crucial role in the successful completion of these projects, demonstrating their effectiveness and value to the company’s operations.

“ADCO looks forward to continuing its partnership with Vermeer Equipment of WA & NT in the near future,” he said.

“The trust, reliability, and quality that Vermeer brings to the table make them a preferred choice for ADCO’s drilling equipment needs.

“Collaborating with Vermeer ensures access to cutting-edge technology and ongoing support that directly contributes to ADCO’s success.”

Partnerships like this one can only work with shared values. Moore said the ADCO Electrics and Vermeer Equipment of WA & NT relationship is built on trust, reliability, and a shared commitment to excellence.

Vermeer’s superior drilling tools have consistently met ADCO Electrics’ expectations and enabled the company to expand its relationship with its sister company, Kolbang.

Kolbang is a First Nations-owned, and 100 per cent First Nations staff electrical and construction company.

“Vermeer’s dedication and commitment has meant that we have been able to expand our job offerings to Aboriginal people who are interested in the drilling space,” Moore said.

“The future looks promising as ADCO Electrics anticipates further collaboration with Vermeer Equipment of WA & NT to continue delivering exceptional results in the industry.”

This article featured in the August edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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