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SECA makes waves once more, unveiling five market leading offerings for the trenchless industry at No-Dig Down Under


SECA, a pioneering industry leader, has made a ground-breaking impact at this year’s No-Dig Down Under conference. With the support of esteemed suppliers from America and Europe, SECA unveiled an impressive line-up of five market leading solutions for the trenchless industry.

For years, SECA has been an avid participant and supporter of No-Dig Down Under. However, this year marks a significant turning point as SECA’s overseas suppliers join forces to showcase their brands at the conference.

Renowned German and Dutch trenchless technology leaders, iPEK, Rioned and enz, respectively will be present, alongside Hammerhead and Cherne, who will be arriving fresh from the USA to support SECA’s stand.

Kristel Hudson, SECA’s Marketing and Communications Lead, expressed the company’s excitement for this year’s No-Dig Down Under.

“We eagerly anticipate our participation in this year’s event, where we will showcase a range of market leading trenchless solutions sourced from renowned markets such as Canada, USA, and Europe, which will soon be available in Australia,” she said.

“By cultivating strong partnerships with our valued customers, SECA aims to empower the Australian trenchless industry by addressing their challenges and providing tailored products and services that suit their needs.”

At No-Dig Down Under, SECA is set to launch five innovative products that will expand their extensive range of tools:

BlueLight LED CIPP Lining System from Hammerhead

The Bluelight LED cured in place pipe (CIPP) lining system revolutionises light-curing technology. It offers CIPP lining professionals’ greater flexibility and working time, as the specially formulated resin only cures under blue wavelength light.

The Sewer Robotics Mobile Configuration offers a versatile mobile configuration.

Sewer Robotics Mobile Rehabilitation System from Sewer Robotics

It offers a versatile mobile configuration that can be utilised independently or installed in vans, trailers, or box trucks. This system includes high-pressure units and water supply, supporting various sewer robotics crawlers and job-specific modules for activities such as UHP (ultra high-pressure) water jet cutting, lateral reinstatement, and CCTV inspection within 150 to 1000mm pipelines.

enz Camera Nozzle

The enz Camera Nozzle introduces a new dimension to the enz nozzle product range. With HD-ready resolution and 12 high-power LEDs, this high-pressure cleaning nozzle provides high-resolution video footage for quality control, documentation, and preliminary inspection. This camera nozzleis simple to use, durable, and increases productivity without compromising cleaning performance or quality.

The latest addition to WinCan’s comprehensive sewer solutions suite offers a range of exciting new features on the WinCan Web cloud platform.

The WinCan WebFlex

The latest addition to WinCan’s comprehensive sewer solutions suite offers a range of exciting new features on the WinCan Web cloud platform. With WebFlex, users gain the power to effortlessly generate projects, seamlessly upload media directly to the web, and promptly record observations from any internet-connected device. These significant enhancements unlock a multitude of streamlined workflows for sewer inspection teams, enabling them to prioritise speed and efficiency like never before.

The QuickView 360 by Envirosight

The ultimate solution for rapid and accurate pipeline assessments. With its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design, QuickView 360 allows for efficient inspections of sewer and stormwater manholes.  This innovative system provides clear and detailed visuals, enabling quick identification of manhole conditions.

Alongside these ground-breaking launches, SECA will also feature its range of highly popular products that have earned commendation within the industry for over 50 years.

This article featured in the August edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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