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Pushing for growth


As the motto goes, go big or go home, and that is what KOR did at this year’s No-Dig Down Under.

KOR is pulling out all the strings, with a larger site, one of its sweepers from Schwarze, A Gerotto ROV and Cappellotto equipment all on display.

However, don’t let the glitz and glamour of the large machinery take away from KOR’s host of smaller technologies. In an all-time first, the company will also have several new innovative technologies that haven’t been seen by the Australian market before.

Head of product and commercial Tim McGregor.

Head of product and commercial Tim McGregor spoke with Trenchless Australasia, highlighting that KOR will have two companies in particular that  will be represent at its stand – Gerotto and Falch.

“We will have Gerotto’s robotic vacuum equipment out of Italy on display which effectively removes the operator from the equipment site so that you can be more productive, safer in operation and allows you to gain access to areas that are often dangerous for operators” McGregor said.

“We are excited to have new technology from Falch in Germany. Robotic solutions for the Industrial Services Industry with ultra-high pressure water cleaning and demolition applications. Increasing safety and productivity whilst removing the operator from the high-pressure water interface and reaction forces.  Reducing operator fatigue and the need for a rotating workforce.”

Off the back of the COVID-19 era, McGregor said the industrial cleaning industry has even less people available to conduct  physically demanding cleaning roles.

As a result, new robotic technology has been developed allowing a safer worksite, whilst increasing productivity.

“The shift that we see in the industry now and in the next 10 to 20 years is how does  industry increase safety and maintain and grow productivity.

“Activity that might have taken three to six people could now be done with just two people using robotic equipment that replaces manual labour in difficult or dangerous situations.”


KOR also had several OEM representatives from different products all around the world available to speak to at No-Dig Down Under.

McGregor said this opportunity is a rare event to have almost every product OEM on site, side by side with KOR atone event.

“We’re really excited that we can not only showcase the equipment on hand, especially this new technology, with OEMs from Italy, Germany, Canada, and the US,” he said.

“Sometimes less is more, but not in this case. The more information we can provide means the more people we can help, particularly with explaining this new technology, show the benefits to the contractors in the industry of how new technology will create a safer workforce.”

With a wealth of knowledge in the industry, McGregor has recently celebrated 12 years at KOR. Having seen the company from inception, he said it has steadily grown to what it is today.

KOR now employees almost 100 people and has continued to support the industry through supplying world-class products, services, and training.

When reflecting on his time at the company, one thing stands out – KOR’s commitment to development and innovation.

“The owners of KOR have pushed for growth in both building a team that can underpin the industry, but also their capital investment,” he said. “As a result, we have had the ability to grow and bring on new products and take investment to service the industry with safer and more productive alternatives.”

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